Vacation photos from last Summer

Hello people. As you probably saw from last post I was on vacation to Zlatibor during summer and said to you that Zlatibor is great place where you can explore Serbia. Nearby Zlatibor is one more mountain Tara where you can find beauitul landscapes and view sights. Also near Zlatibor is some beautiful place eith waterfalls, you can find about dozen of waterfalls there.

Anyways, I prepared these photos for you because, if you read from my last post, I'm working in Kragujevac and won't be home until weekend so I'm posting photos that I've found on my phone. I really hope you liked them and enjoyed looking at them.









Forest with waterfalls always a great place to explore.

Higher altitude photography with mountains, turquoise blue water below, stunning to give an overall feel of the region.


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I love taking photos of waterfalls but I've seen only two, maybe this year I'll go and see few more.

बहुत आकर्षक नज़ारा 👌👌