Waiting for snow

I guess Winter came earlier this year, I meant about temperature, nothing else. It's cold, about 0 degrees Celsius, probably we will see snow soon. I'm really hoping for snow this Winter, last year it was snowing just one night, these photos were taken that night. I was really happy about that because I thought that there will not be snow at all. You can see me in one photo just enjoying while snow is falling. :D










Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Very pretty images... :)

Same here in Ljubljana...
There might be some snowflakes coming next week.
If it is not hot and sunny, let it at least snow...

Nice photos btw!

Thanks. I really hope there will be snow here and in Slovenia. :D

Those are magical!

🤩🤩📷 Nice shot!

Loved the light on these photos!

Such an amazing beauty captured of frost snow over the trees and plants.

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