Mountain scenes on the way to Jasper Alberta

A neat mountain river or perhaps it was a stream that I found on a trip towards Jasper Alberta.
Sept 2011 Banff jasper trip-0600.jpg
Nikon D90 2/5 sec. f/22 ISO-200 at 14mm

It was overcast so that helped my attempts to get a long exposure of the water. Not my best attempt but still thought they turned out ok.
Sept 2011 Banff jasper trip-0631.jpg
Nikon D90 2/5 sec. f/18 ISO-200 at 11mm

It can be interseting to see the ways nature will shape the landscape. Trees with their roots exposed from a slow erosion of the rocky mountains they stand on
Sept 2011 Banff jasper trip-0521.jpg
Nikon D90 1/80 sec. f/6.3 ISO-200 at 11mm

I like the fact I was able to get the background to be completely dark here, not quite sure how this happened.
Sept 2011 Banff jasper trip-0585.jpg
Nikon D90 1/640 sec. f/8 ISO-200 at 210mm


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The long exposure looks so good. Fits naturally. Beautiful range of captures here.