Photography Contest - Macro Theme, Garden Flowers

This morning I found out about the macro photography contest in the Photography Lovers community, and I'm not going to lie, it took me all day to take these pictures, mainly because I had other things to do, so I took the time to do them, the truth is that I had a lot of fun and even though my camera is still an entry level camera and I don't have a macro lens, I used the 50mm lens with the extension tubes, I thought most people would go for the insects and flowers, but I wanted to go a little further when taking the pictures so in almost all of them I used the 3 extension tubes to get the magnification I wanted.


By the way, here is the link to the contest post if you want to participate, the competition is good so go for it. link to the post


I think everyone knows that my soul is a bit dark, and so are my photographs, but on this occasion I tried to keep a similar colorimetry, this had a lot of influence for me to take all day taking the pictures, and in this image I present you the lavender flower. The following four photographs are of a plant called Salvia, its flowers are very small but stunningly beautiful.





I know that for this type of photography the tripod is perfect, the only problem is that sometimes it is difficult to work with it, especially outdoors, because I can't control the position of the flowers or insects, instead I use the flash to freeze the movement and I take the photos handheld. The following photograph is the flower of a plant named Star of Bethlehem.


I almost forgot the last photo of the Salvia, in this one I wanted to show more of the scene, that's why I left the 13mm extension tube when I took the picture.


Almost to end the day I remembered the following words:

Macro photography can make things look like they are from an alien planet.

I remembered that I had seen one of these flowers and the truth is that it seems from another planet even with our normal sight, so I decided to take a few pictures, I took the flower to my house and started to take pictures, I thought of doing a focus stacking but the heat was unbearable to be locked up doing a series of photographs and I abandoned the idea, anyway some pretty interesting pictures came out, the cover image is part of these photographs, the plant is called passionflower.




All photographs are my property, taken by me, @monster-one

Thanks for watching my post, see you in the next one.

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This shot is fantastic! They are all really good captures. Great entry into the competition! Definitely in the running so far! Thanks for participating and sharing in the community your excellent photography!


Thanks to you and the whole team, you are doing an amazing job promoting and curating our photographic content.

Amazing photographs

Thanks buddy, I'm glad you liked them. 😃

Extraordinarias fotografías! Éxito en en concurso.

Muchas gracias, la competencia va a estar dura.

Brutales todas las fotos, el color negro de cada una de las tomas las hace relucir.

Muchas gracias, es una costumbre mía incluir mucho negro en las fotos, a veces gusta y otras no, pero me da gusto que te hayan parecido atractivas, saludos.

Sabía que ibas a sorprenderme con tu entrada! Están espectaculares todas las fotos. Suerte en el concurso mi amigo! 👍

Muchas gracias, me tomó todo el día pero valió la pena, saludos.

That's cool, I love how close you can get with extension tubes! Good luck in the contest!

Thank you, and yes it is interesting to use extension tubes, I wish you the best too.