Mali ali lepi detalji u prirodi kišne kapi na biljkama 💐🌧️💧🌧️ Small but beautiful details in the nature of raindrops on plants

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Često ne volimo kišu, pogotovo ne u jesen kada su tmurni dani a priroda gubi svoj sjaj.
Letnje kiše su nekako drugačije tople, za sobom ostavljaju lepe tragove u prirodi, pre svega nakon toplog dana i cveće koje klone na jakom suncu, kada padne kiša priroda dobija nov i poseban sjaj a na svakoj latici cveta ili listovima ostaju kapi kiše koje se nižu poput najlepših perla.

We often don't like the rain, especially not in autumn when the days are gloomy and nature loses its shine.
Summer rains are warm in a different way, they leave behind beautiful traces in nature, above all after a warm day and flowers that fade in the strong sun, when it rains, nature takes on a new and special glow and raindrops are left on each flower petal or leaf. like the most beautiful pearls.

vodene kapi na biljci9peg.jpeg

Pored sve te lepote i malih ali krasnih detalja, nakon šušnog perioda, biljke ispuštaju svoje mirise ili arome, vazduh je nekako drugačiji pored svežine mogu se osetiti razni mirisa, a boravak u prirodi posle kiše zaista je veoma prijatan, najlepše je provesti vreme u nekoj cvetnoj bašti ili livadi gde je puno zelenila i raznih biljaka.

In addition to all that beauty and small but wonderful details, after the dry season, the plants release their smells or aromas, the air is somehow different, in addition to the freshness, you can smell various smells, and being in nature after the rain is really very pleasant, the best thing is to spend time in some flower garden or meadow where there is a lot of greenery and various plants.

vodene kapi na biljci10peg.jpegvodene kapi na biljci5jpeg.jpegvodene kapi na biljci4jpeg.jpeg
vodene kapi na biljci6jpeg.jpegvodene kapi na biljci2.jpeg

Tada ne samo da je vazduh drugačiji već i biljke su živahne na travi, raznim listovima ili cvetovima možemo uočiti njihovu lepotu baš kroz kapi vode koje se njima zadrže.

Then not only the air is different, but also the plants are lively on the grass, with various leaves or flowers, we can see their beauty just through the drops of water that stay on them.

vodene kapi na biljci7peg.jpegvodene kapi na biljci8peg.jpegvodene kapi na biljci56peg.jpeg

Mislim da su prirodne lepote nešto najlepše, treba ceniti svaki detalj prirodnih lepota, koje možda su po neki put beznačajne ali treba im posvetiti pažnju.

I think that natural beauty is the most beautiful thing, you should appreciate every detail of natural beauty, which may be insignificant in some ways, but you should pay attention to it.

vodene kapi na biljci1.jpegvodene kapi na biljci3.jpeg

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I told you again i really like the format that you do in your posts!! is really nice!

Those rains drops looks really pretty on the roses 😍

I think that natural beauty is the most beautiful thing, you should appreciate every detail of natural beauty, which may be insignificant in some ways, but you should pay attention to it.

i really agree with you! ♥️

Thank you, I really love those little details in nature, maybe hardly anyone pays attention to them, but I really appreciate them.

people who pay attention to those little details have a kind heart

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