Beautiful place where the earth meets the sea...

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What does paradise look like? I imagine this place is similar to where the Earth meets the sea!


This year we decided to go to the sea to a new place, which attracted us with its steep orange rocks.


For the previous three years we went to Lebedivka behind Belgorod Dniester. But this year we decided to change the place, and now my eldest daughter Victoria found on the Internet a fascinating mysterious cape in the Berezansky district near Odessa. We arrived in Rybakivka and hurried to the sea, where again I felt this exciting moment when I come every year to the place where land and sea meet.




When we booked the base, the owner immediately warned us that we had to climb down 137 steps to the sea. If this does not frighten us, then welcome!


This is a new place for us, where we have never been before. That's why I want to take photos of every stone and landscape!
On the cliff there are cute photo zones made of wood and decorated with white tassels. I don't know who installed them, but everyone uses them for photo shoots.




There are fascinating clay mountains. This area reminds me of Crimea, which I loved to visit!



And here is Cape Adjiyask itself. There is no further passage. It's as if we got to the beach under Bear Mountain again.




The only difference is: 🐻 Mountain is rocky and trees grow on it, and here the mountains are made of clay-sand rocks, and only sun-burnt grasses and flowers grow on them.





The stones are also here. They look like a mixture of shells and clay. And in the other part of the beach there are stones on which there are prints of seashells. And many of them are green, apparently algae painted them.





All this together creates such an exotic, extreme paradise, which I will write about in the next posts, probably when I come to Lviv. And now I enjoy !!!





I love the Black Sea so much! I hope you enjoyed this exotic beautiful place 😀


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Good job in sharing your travels in such a way that anyone who sees your posts will be transported to where you've been. Not everyone has that talent.

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Thank you 😊

That is a really nice collection.
I like seaside and these shots are really cool.

Yes, I was fascinated by these amazing mountains, which change shape every year because they crumble from natural elements.
Thank you, @crazy-andy, for your comment.

Amazing photography 😍

Thank you 😊
I'm glad you liked 👍🏻

Amazing natural place, thanks for showing us around :) You took some really impressive pictures there.

@tipu curate

The natural place you come to for the first time is like a first date - exciting and unforgettable!

This is really nice. I love this pictures you took, were they taken with phone camera or a normal camera?

All photos of nature were taken with the camera of my Samsung Galaxy M31.

Wow this is really attractive and very well okay. The phone is really nice to take pictures

This is beautiful, Olga! @olga.maslievich I missed seeing it before payout, but, just wanted you to know it has some truly amazing shots!

Well done!

Magnificent pictures. It felt like one could literally feel that breeze while going through. Seems like such a great adventure. Lovely colors.