Seascape Photography: beaches from around the world

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

I don´t know how the weather has been in your countries these days but here in Central Europe, we are amid a terrible freezing wave that is expected to last for at least one more week. Surprisingly, we have lately received a decent amount of sunshine too but still, being outside in those sub-zero temperatures gets pretty annoying and uncomfortable after a few hours.

I think that in these super chilly days, it´s quite natural for people to remember the summer time and all the fun they had on the beach back then in the warm and sunny days. I have been actually doing the same and I figured it could also be a cool theme for another photo collection to share with you guys here on my blog. Therefore, I dived into my photo archives eagerly, looking for some nice beach pictures from all those seaside places that we have visited/lived at over the years. The digest was getting larger fast, eventually including some 40 pictures of beaches. That would probably be a bit too much for one post so I decided to split this collection into 2 parts, both of which will feature 20 shots.

As always, I tried to identify the exact locations of all those photos for you and while I am definitely sure about the individual countries and islands where the photos were taken, I am not that sure about the actual names of some of the beaches. I took some of the pictures more than a decade ago and my memory is not that fresh anymore, sorry about that :D Also, the age of the oldest photos featured here is the reason why they are not of high quality as I was shooting with some really obsolete phones back then. Yet, unfortunately, some beautiful beaches that I visited when I was much younger (for example some amazing ones in Croatia) are missing in this collection completely because I was not into photography at all when I was a teenager. Thinking about that, I might actually revisit those places to take photos of them too :D Anyway, you probably won´t be surprised that most of the shots in this collection (in both parts) were taken on the Caribbean coast of Mexico because that´s one of the most renowned and beautiful seaside areas in the world and we were privileged to live there for almost 2 years.

Without further ado, let me now take all of you to the beach! :) From some of the finest white sand beaches of tropical islands in the Caribbean to rough black sand beaches of remote volcanic archipelagos in North Atlantic, this is the first part of my photo collection of beaches from around the world.

Akumal Beach, Mexico


Punta Uva Beach, Costa Rica


Blue Lagoon Beach, Comino Island, Malta


Vila Franca Beach, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

villa franca.jpg

Punta Sur Beach, Cozumel Island, Mexico

punta sur cozumel.jpg

Navagio Beach, Zakynthos Island, Greece


Monte Verde Beach, Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA


Holbox Beach, Holbox Island, Mexico


Mosteiros Beach, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


Ramla Beach, Gozo Island, Malta


San Felipe Beach, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

asi juarez.jpg

Puerto Morelos Beach, Mexico


Barceloneta Beach, Barcelona, Spain


Punta Sur Beach, Isla Mujeres Island, Mexico

isla mujeres.jpg

Las Teresitas Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Telchac Puerto Beach, Mexico


Juan Dolio Beach, Dominican Republic


Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida, USA


Ruinas Beach, Tulum, Mexico


I hope you enjoyed the first part of my photo collection dedicated to beaches and I hope you managed to soak up some of the summer vibes and chill out moments from the pictures. It was a pleasure for me to compile this series. See you in the second part of it that will be published here on my blog next week ;)

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There is so much beauty in the world!! #mundoAzul💙🙏

Snad už brzy budeme moct tu krásu zase objevovat a kochat se :) Zatím se můžeš těšit aspoň na druhou část #mundoazul ;)

Stunning photos, Peťo! Really amazing! ;)

I was really smiling when reading your first lines as I have totally opposite feelings. Last night I was totally excited about those huge snowflakes falling down and now, I just can´t wait to finish my work and leave the city as it is not freezing enough here :D

No teda, to jsou k nám hosti :) Já už se bál, že jsi na nás zapomněla :D Jako takhle, takovou tu hezkou ladovskou zimu se spoustou sněhu a teplotami lehce pod nulou mám taky rád ;) Ta je už ale bohužel v našich zeměpisných šířkách dost vzácná (nemám na mysli hory). Většinou je sněhu jen troška, hned to roztaje a je z toho taková ta hnusná šedá břečka, co ti akorát zasviní boty (a náladu). Pak prostě na ten Karibik vzpomínáš, ať chceš nebo ne :D

Nezapomněla, to v žádném případě. Vždycky to tady otevřu, projdu a s povzdechem zavřu. Nějak se nedostavuje ta správná chuť něco napsat (asi tím, že to byl docela busy měsíc), ale věřím, že po víkendu to 100% přijde ;)

No jo, máš pravdu. Taky mi ten sníh ve městě přijde letos jako trošku výjimka, super bílá zima nebyla už dost dlouho. Ještěže máme ty hory 💟

Tak budeme doufat a těšit se, že to po víkendu opravdu přijde :D Určitě ho budeš trávit na horách, tak ani není třeba dodávat, aby sis ho užila, to je na horách automatika :D ;)

Děkuju, budu, tentokrát se na to těším ještě víc, ale počkej si ;)

Awesome collection. You really have been to quite a few places! Which one would I choose? Probably Zakynthos as I never been there and it is another iconic beach on the list.

Hope you don't mind copying your idea :)
If you mind, hope that little extra support will make up for that :)

Enjoy well deserved @tipu curate !

Hahaha sure I don´t mind my friend, quite the opposite actualy - I am always happy to inspire others :) Glad you enjoyed the first part of the collection and thank you very much for that TipU support, really appreciated ;)

You have visited some awesome beaches. The beaches are beautiful. After all really amazing photographs.

Thank you :) I am glad you liked the photos. Stay tuned for the second part next week ;)

Did you just say you took these shots with an obsolete phone? And that it wouldn't be so good?
Tell me if this isn't good then what will be?
They are all awesome or did you edit most of them? You sure have some collections you know :)

Haha thank you for these kinds words but the quality of some of the photos is a far cry from what I would like to have :) But I am really happy to see such a positive feedback here so thank you again. Oh and yes, I do edit most of my photos ;) Just very basic editing though, I don´t even have the software for that.

Trust me they are good. If you see the quality of my old photos, you would shed tears for me😂

Ok, I trust you :D

Lol, yeah you really should.

Really dreamy postcards @phortun, now that the heat is quite pressing in these parts.

Haha I can imagine :) I remember how unbearably hot it was in Merida, Mexico at Christmas a few years ago. We were there for a little trip from the coast where we lived back then and the heat was really incredible.

All pitchers aree verry beautiful 👌

Thanks for checking them out :)

Great shots broo !!! Love it <3

Definitely one beautiful collection of beautiful beaches it makes me miss that tropical holiday soon i hope 👍

Thanks man, it really means a lot coming from you, such an experienced and well-traveled beachgoer :)

Thanks man you haven't done to bad yourself , you have seen quite a few awesome beaches.

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