Seascape Photography: beaches from around the world - part 2

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

First of all, I would like to thank you for your amazing feedback to the first part of this photography series that I published here on my blog last week. Although the post was not featured in any major curation group´s digest, many of you took the time to stop by, check out all of the beach shots and leave some very nice comments for me so thank you very much guys, I really appreciate the engagement :)

As promised in the first part, I am coming with the second one today. Same concept, same number (20) of photos as the last time but different beaches of course ;) Without further ado, let me guys take you to the beach again!

Delfines Beach, Cancun, Mexico


Xwejni Bay Beach, Gozo Island, Malta


Manzanillo Beach, Costa Rica


Punta Esmeralda Beach, Playa del Carmen, Mexico


Martianez Beach, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Viola Beach, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


Paamul Beach, Mexico


Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida, USA


Playa Negra Beach, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

playa negra.jpg

Sian Kaan Beach, Mexico

sian khaan.jpg

Carras Beach, Nice, France


Puerto Aventuras Beach, Mexico


Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA


Xcacel Beach, Mexico


Agua de Pau Beach, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal

agua de pau.jpg

Playa Blanca, Cahuita, Costa Rica


Paradise Beach, Tulum, Mexico

playa tulum.jpg

Sao Roque Beach, Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal


Bollullo Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


Playa del Carmen Beach, Mexico


I hope you enjoyed this photo collection dedicated to beaches from around the world. If you did and missed the first part of it for some reason, make sure to check it out too. That post also included a little write up about what made me to compile this collection, some trivia about the locations etc. By the way, I am already working on another photo collection (but with a very different theme) that will show up here on my blog next week (probably on Tuesday again) so stay tuned for more ;)

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A few of those look familiar (Tulum, PDC), especially the shot from the Pier! The good old days.

Haha I bet they do! :) Just like this one from the first part, right? ;)


Another fantastic show of world beaches you have certainly been and seen quite a few 👍

Thanks buddy :) I am glad you enjoyed the second part of the series too.

Love looking at different world beaches i might have to do a post like this also you seem to get a good audience 👍

Go for it, I am looking forward to checking it out :)

I am glad i did it was certainly worth the time to search for these lovely beaches made me feel like i was there again...i wish 😆

Hele jako jo, má to něco do sebe. Zrovna jsem doběhla, mokro v botech, zmrzlé nohy, u moře by to šlo hned jinak :D

Běhání po pláži má dvě tři velké výhody.

  1. Máš automaticky těžší obtížnost, protože se boříš do písku a každý uběhnutý kilometr je pocitově jak dva :D

  2. Když ti začne být horko, můžeš si kdykoliv odskočit do moře.

  3. Nasávajíc slaný mořský vzduch se kocháš tou krááásou kolem ;)

Nevím, jestli bod 1 je výhoda, asi bych to brzo zabalila, na toto fakt nemám morálně :D

Ale 2 a 3 bych brala všemi deseti!

Pro mě to výhoda byla :) Místo 10 km jsem si dal 5, ale cítil jsem pak stejnou radost/únavu :) Horší to bylo s těmi úlomky mušlí. To už taková radost nebyla :D

You gotta come over and visit Cassino (where I'm living now)


Well, most of my visits to the casino didn´t turn out well but I am sure this one would be a completely different story :D Lovely place.

Aaaahhhh torture, that's torture!! 😉😁😁😁 Lovely beaches, I'm missing the summertime!

Haha I am sorry mate, didn´t mean to hurt you :D But watching these photos while it´s freezing outside, it´s actually a kind of torture for me too :D

Hope we get our revenge soon! 😉 Cheers! !BEER

I hope we do! Thanks and cheers :)

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Wonderful collection! I wanna go to the beach now!

Haha, thanks, me too! :D

V té hromadě sněhu, co máme na dvoře, tvé fotky zahřejí :-)

No na většině z těch míst to hřálo opravdu pořádně, jen co je pravda :D ;)

Puerto Aventuras Beach, Mexico looks like my kinda beach. Man I miss a good beach.
So it you live near the seaside?

Not right now. These are some of the locations where I lived (visited) in the past ;)

Wow, quite impressive! It was pleasant to look at the photos.

Thank you, I am really glad you enjoyed the photo collection :)

You’re welcome! 😊

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Nice post, a collection of wonderful beach shot's in different locations, I like the idea.

Thank you for checking it out. You can compile a similar collection, I am sure you have many great beach shots too ;)