Winter Photo Challenge: show me snowy photos and win upvotes

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

As I mentioned in my yesterday´s post dedicated to beach photos from around the world, we have been lately having a very cold weather here in Krakow, Poland but unlike many other regions and countries in Europe, we actually haven´t had any snow until now. It started to snow yesterday in the evening and it hasn´t stopped yet so finally, we have some nice white blanket here too :)

I went out in the streets to take some cool snowy pictures for you earlier today but the light was so bad that eventually, it was this random shot of the Plac Nowy Square taken from our apartment just about one hour ago that actually turned out the best.


I am sure you guys will take better snowy photos than that ;) As usually, I don´t want to make things too complicated so let´s do it like this:

Upload a snowy picture taken this winter in the comment section below and add a few words about it, at least where and when you took it. Just one entry (photo) per person please. You can start submitting your entries from now until Tuesday. Then, I will pick up to 5 winners, give my full upvotes on their entries and feature them in the winner announcement post that will be published on Wednesday. I will also give some smaller upvotes on all of the other entries to reward all participants.

I know this challenge is not for everyone as some of you live in places where it never snows (apparently a little drawback of living in the tropical paradise :D) but on the other hand, the current freezing wave that has been sweeping over Europe has brought snow even to some unexpected places like Spain so maybe, we will get entries from such areas too, who knows :)

Good luck everyone. I am looking forward to checking out your winter photos.

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The little colourful gem under snow blanket.
City name sign Krakow, 13.1.

i will have to wait few days :D we had first snow two days ago, today it is more mud than snow. but they say winter is coming, so maybe

Haha I know what you mean. We will have a lot of mud too once the temperature goes up a bit. Looking forward to your entry. Serbia, right?

yes. upper part of it. South got a lot of snow last week or so. here in the Vojvodina flats, we got one night of snow, and most of it is melted.
But i seen in the news they scare us with temps of -15 so maybe we will get some snow. because -15 with no snow sounds really bad :D

They scare us with the same temperatures here too :D Hopefully, some snow will stay, the black frost is not good for nature (and humans too afterall :D)

ha, I recognized that place... I have had a couple of amazing zapiekanka's there!!!

Well spotted! :) We sometimes call it "the Zapiekanka Square" :D We can literally smell them even in the apartment.

Considering the queues you would normally see there for the zapiekanka's, I see why it got that nickname. They are the best! Unfortunately I wasn't there long enough to try them all. I guess I will have to go back!! :D

Well, don´t tell anyone but I haven´t tried any of them :D I go to my favorite tortilla stall (same square) instead :D They have amazing tortillas for just 8 Zloty :D

oh, now I really need to go back! I didn't even know they had tortillas there!


...fantastic ones!

Vitosha mountain , Bulgaria
Bodybuilding , wim hof winter 💪🏼😁

Wow, very cool! Still keeping the great shape, good job buddy :)

Thank you !!!

V okolí Českých Budějovic napadl sníh už 6.1. :-)
Můj obrázek je však z 10.1.21 z odpolední procházky. Cesta mezi poli východně od Č. Budějovic.


Zimní idylka :) Díky za krásný soutěžní příspěvek.

I teplotní (-6) :-)

I enjoy city squares like that in the snowy weather. It’s fun to just see the city with blankets of snow all over the place. Makes for some interesting walking around!

Really cool thanks for the little photo contest!

This one here is my favorite from this year so far. We had some really early snow back in October! We spent a lot of time at the lake pictures here this summer and we went straight there when it snowed to capture some really cool snow pictures. I love the different colors in this one, given that autumn was still present but there’s snow everywhere. Hope you enjoy it! Cheers!


Thank you for this lovely entry, it´s really rare to capture something like this where you have both fall and winter at the same time :) Seeing you are from Boston, I suppose it´s somewhere in the Massachusetts countryside, right?

Yeah it is rare to see such a combination of seasons! I don't remember the last time it snowed in October so that was fun!

This was taken in New Hampshire but pretty close, yeah! More country than city for sure and that's exactly how we like it lol.

Awesome, thanks for the clarification :) I love New England, I spent one summer in Maine. The landscape and climate is very similar to that in my Czech homeland, except we don´t have a sea :D

Ah Maine is one of my absolute favorites. We are hoping to move there someday! The ocean and combination of the vast wilderness is really a treasure to have.

I had a guy I knew in high school that came from Czech though now I have no idea where or what his name was, it was still nice to see. We had a pretty diverse home town which was really cool, people from all over the planet! Made for some interesting groups of friends indeed lol

So happy to see this contest! Right in time with the heavy snow we had in the last days :D


Subarini Park, Sibiu - 9th January 2021

It was my first gateway after heavy snow and way too much time spent at home lately, so I forgot about the cold temperatures or any other obstacles of not going outside and took a 9 km long walk into the park. :)

Romanian Winter Wonderland :) Beautiful, thank you!

That's exactly how I like calling it! :D