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As a photographer, pro or amateur, you really have to be brave sometimes. Like I did when taking this picture for example…

Ok, I can hear you coming... You're wondering why you have to be brave when taking a shot of an escalator?

Well, for starters...it was a very high escalator.
And an old one...
And it’s a wooden one...
And he was on the move...
And did I mention it is a very old one?

And… in the picture you can't see all those hurried people behind me... you know, those who doubted if they'd push me off that escalator if I stood there much longer trying to autofocus... 😉

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The old ones are scary. I was stuck on an escalator once for several hours waiting for the power to come back on.

I think you mean an elevator? How can you be stuck for hours on an escalator???

People who got stuck in elevators get all the sympathy while those of us who've been stuck on escalators are simply discounted.

Of course people stuck on escalators don't have to deal with claustrophobia although they may have to deal with fear of heights depending on where they were when the escalator stopped.


Hmmm...yeah maybe... but I still find it strange...
Anyway, have some !PIZZA to pass time on your escalator 😉

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I was thinking the same thing, maybe the escalator wasn't running and they just stood there haha

Nice shot

Thanks! Glad you lke it 👍

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Wow! @pixelfan you really just use a pixel for such amazing photos? If yes which one, please notify...

The one in the upper right corner...😉

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LOL I can imagine how it felt trying to focus on a moving escalator.. Made me grin.. never tried this I should try it sometime.

Start with a small & light camera 😉

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Thanks for the tip, will try it. Thanks for the pizza and the beer.

@pixresteemer, sorry. :(

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