Catching the Last Rays...

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Well, apparently it wasn't that hard to guess which story my previous post reminded of. Not for @traciyork anyway.
But yes, a witch who knows a book by Stephen King ... logical really. 😉

Anyway, in the photo in my previous post you see a church in the distance. And who says church, also says village... which of course I had to visit.

Now I don't know if the inhabitants of this village, if any, have read the same book, but the only living soul I encountered was...this teddy bear. He was sitting there enjoying the last rays of the sun, but he didn't seem very healthy to me 😱

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i feel like this Bear Bares His Soul.

I think his soul is gone for a very long time already...
Maybe you should share some !PIZZA & !BEER with him 😉

Yep, and a double whammy actually - a witch who lives in New England (since SK is in Maine which is right next door and down the road a bit from New Hampshire). I even had a friend in college who was from his town and she knew people who had him as a high school teacher (or knew people who knew people... it's been a millennia minute since my college days. 😂).

And in regards to your photo above - WOW! You've posted plenty of gorgeous photos over the years, but there's just something about the simplicity of this image, and the poignancy that it invokes, that just really hit me in the feels. But in a good way, if that makes sense. Well done... and I hope you didn't bump into his original owner whilst you were there, because then we're back to the whole children of the corn thing again... shudder 😉

hahaha, my college days are also a fraction of a second away 😂

I believe the original owner was somewhere out there...At least... I very clearly heard giggling from the attic of the house...😱

!PIZZA & !BEER with all my !LUV ...(could be the last ones...I plan to enter the house now 😱)






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