Moscow, city of contrasts: 11 street photo

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Today I present some photos from my archive, captured during my short trip to Moscow in May, 2021. I selected ten random photos taken during my walks across the city.

Basically, Canon 16-35mm 2.8L lens was used on every shot - its a perfect solution for a tourist trip to an unfamiliar city. It ensures virtually any subject will fit into frame... and there's always the option to make zoom with your feet.

Сегодня я покажу несколько фото из моего архива за 2021 год, сделанных во время моей короткой поездки в Москву. Случайные фото, сделанные во время моих прогулок по городу. В основном, везде использован объектив 16-35mm - идеальное решение для туристической поездки в незнакомый город. Он гарантирует что практически любой объект уместится в кадр... и всегда остается возможность сделать зум ногами.

The seller of balloons; this one did not just walk up and down the streets, but found a right place for himself: he ambushed his young victims and their wallet-ous parents near the entrance to the famous Dollhouse theatre, located on the Garden Ring-road.

Fake tree; I was attracted to it first by the boisterity of colours, approached... and then realized it was an absolutely fake plastic Japanese sakura. Then I took just one pic, and was off.

Wrecked old man with a beer and a dog (I met in a pretty fashionable city district) - maybe they are his only life companions by now, who can tell... There was no charity box around, he did not ask for money, just was sitting there.

'Black Swan' coffee shop (designed with black crow's dummies. and a lot of other funny things. Enjoy all the little design details.

And since its #Caturday today -- here is some cat-o-photo from the same walk. I've encountered some kitties in the yards. This one seems will become a mummy soon.

I think it's an international picture... one that can be seen in any city of the world, be it Paris, New York or Amsterdam... And it will touch the heart of any cyclist. DO NOT LEAVE your bikes UNATTENDED!

Some art attracted folks on the street to take pictures - and I, in addition to art, was attracted by this scene itself. How do you like the colours?

A boy enjoying first tulips at the Alexandrovskii sad, near the Kremlin wall.

More folks at the same location. And a side-note.
Covid restrictions have not yet been officially lifted yet by the time... but still, I was surprised by the huge number of people not wearing masks... in fact, I saw them very rarely, and in the evening, when the bars were filled with merry youth, I did not see them at all. And you know... I'm not sure if that was wrong. It might be even a good thing that people were not afraid, as fear -- it lowers immunity, you know.

Youth at the Tube station. (All wear masks, as you can see... this time). Moscow Tube uses different types of wagons; in this photo you see one of the latest modifications: these wagons are spacious, bright, and equipped with sockets for phones charging and Wi-Fi.

In fact, when I had a free day, I had no special goals - I just wandered around the city in search of graffiti. My feet have brought me to this place. As they say, "the pig will find the dirt" - and I found something right in the center of the city, in an area with very expensive, trendy real estate, protected buildings, etc. - in general, the land is not empty here ... I found a rather large area, which can be called abandoned. Two houses and a garden between them were completely given over to street artists.

I found out the reason for the abandonment in a conversation with one local resident - the boy told me that a year ago one of the brownies burned down. Its owners probably don't have the cash to fix it, it's impossible to rent it out in its current state, and it costs a lot of money to restore it. It was very dark inside, I discovered a lot of interesting things, and someday I will write a report about this walk. For now, here's what it looks like from the outside.

location: Moscow, Russia May 2021 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D Canon 16-35mm raw-conv

Thanks for walking with me, see you next time.


All images taken by me, copyright (c) @qwerrie
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Cool photos!

Poor bike owner :-( although this photo made me laugh, it's because it's not my bike :-)

Классные фото!

Бедный владелец велосипеда :-( хотя это фото вызвало у меня смех, это потому что не мой велосипед :-)

Yeah! bikes like this always pull a good bit of attraction ;)

It’s someone who’s lucky, it’s standing next to it with wheels :-)

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That is what I love mos. Thank you! and of course a hot Hive !PIZZA back. 😋


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I do like the Black Swan and it's ravens


ravens?... hmmm.. probably you are right. I was not 100% sure.

anyway its not swans :D

yes, appealing desing... for the folks of a certain mindset, like mine 😀

glad you like it - and a !PIZZA back.

Have some !PIZZA yourself 😉

Too bad it is a plastic tree, but it is way too bright for a natural one.
raven decoration for the black swan. hhhmmm that is interesting choice
Sending some !LUV

raven decoration for the black swan. hhhmmm that is interesting choice

haha! yes... lol at raven as the closest 'brother' of black swan.
I guess it is sort of... er... 'art of possible', right?.. anyway.
the design is summed up from a load of different things, so there is no focus on ravens at all. it is catchy, and has a load of vintage feelings -- which is good enough for folks of a certain mindset :P
nothing but !LUV 🙏

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You always give off interesting shots of life and living, the street shots are my favorite. Everyday living and pregnant cats... It's #Caturday again, so that is perfect.

The beauties take shots of graffiti as you take a shot of them. :) Thank you for the peek of life there, it is always so fun!

Thanks @qwerrie

great photos 😁👍
I do feel bad for the bike owner THAT SUCKS😞