Arty Aviation.

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The more i get into my photography journey, the more I want to focus on quality over quantity.. and that includes the aviation side...

When I first started shooting airshows and stuff flying.. I'd easily fill 2 or 3 memory cards of images... a good 90% of them being pointless shots of an aircraft just too far away to be used.


So now, rather than just clicking for clicking sake, I'm a bit more picky in the shots I take, it saves me time in the sorting / editing too.


I like to emphasize the skies and make them a bit more dramatic, cos theres nothing nice about plain skies.... he's a before the edit image


Edited in Adobe Lightroom -> Adobe Photoshop -> nik collection and then back into photoshop for a final touch up... It's a bit long winded, and I know there will be faster and smarter ways of working, but thats the way I do it.


As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts...


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One of the images is a broken link.

Some great shots there and I wonder what lens you use for these kinds of things. The last image looks like you are flying next to the jet, is this the case?

if only... if only.... air 2 air is a bucket list for me... and costs thousands to do with military airframes..

the harrier was pretty low, was using a canon 100-400L f4 on a canon 6d body.

which link is broken, all showing on my screen.


Second to last:

I think I would be sick in one of those planes. Hopefully you get a ride-along one day though.
From what I hear, that is a decent lens.

does the job for me, although I only use it for aviation these days... and thats not that often...

reuploaded the image.. is it working now?

Still a broken image for me - weird.

wonder if its the ecency server playing up

Perhaps, but I checked it on and peakd also.

ive posted it with ecency... its strange..

ill try the next post via peakd

I've mentioned this issue to the Ecency chat channel, thanks for finding what seems to be some kind of bug :)

Thanks for continuing to make Hive awesome.