In the hover

As with many other photographers, with lockdown and other covid restrictions in the UK, the amount of photoshoots this year has been minimal, so I've been looking at stuff thats not been edited yet..

I've got some aviation stuff...

As I may have spoke about before, my father in law is currently restoring 2 Harrier Jump Jet cockpits, and as the UK foolishly sold thier airframes to the United States a few years ago, we've not seen one on the airshow circuit for a while. But in 2019, the Spanish air force bought a couple of thiers over for 2 displays..

Being into his Harriers, me and the FIL went down to Yeovilton to watch..


Even the spanish enjoyed taking images of thier own aircraft.


Bit of an arty farty edit of the display..


I like to take images of the stuff that people dont usually see, prepping the aircraft, crewing up etc.. Everybody sees the display.. but theres soo much more to it than that.


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Jets and planes are really cool to see! Cool pictures, some of them didn’t upload right though and are missing.