Monday fun - Playing around with edits!

My favorite edits

Photography is my passion, and I
always try to improve, one way
is to play around with edits.

Another is to read other Peoples
posts, and get inspired by
what they share.

I have learned SO MUCH since I
came to HIVE 😉 I have improved my
photography, but also grown
much as a person.

I didn't belive in myself back then and didn't think my photos was good
enough to post.

Then I met people who encuraged me and told me they were very good, and
after sharing some pictures and got amazing comments on my posts.

I started to BELIVE in myself,
and got Brave 😉


I am Forever THANKFUL for
the people who inspired me, and
belived in little me 🙏


Are my favorite picture edits
from today 😉 ENJOY!


The beautiful church close to my home,
and a place I walk to often.




This is one truck that I miss alot,
so fun to drive and I wish it
still belonged to me 😜



Good thing I have pictures that can take me back and pretend I was driving
it again 😜 Buwahahaha


Wrooooom.. Wrrroooom!


And now...



This was taken on a walk in the
piledampark in Malmö, and this was
the Fantasy playground.


And how about some magic lamp?

That picture was so bad in original that I thought of erasing it, but then I made a little edit and I actually like it 😁 lol



Blurry.. But here you see 😁 lol


A mix for ya 😉


This bukett of flowers, I actually got from a
person I got to know here on hive. It was a sweet Thank you from him as I helped him with
buying some silver.


Amazing garden flowers that
is a favorite, and they carry the name
EASTEN GLADIOLUS (Gladious communis)


Pretty neat edit right?


Another favorite garden flower,


And that was a little wrapup on
the fun I had today with the editing of my favorite pictures 😉

It always amazes me how ONE
single picture can look so different
when you add edits on them.

It's almost like you have the power
of making magic 😁 lol



NOT Likely... But FUN idea tho
right? 😁 LMAO


The real magic tho was made in my
Huawei Phone, together with my altime favorite photo app SNAPSEED.


And my favorite to choose among
the options are these 2 :
Pop and Faded Flow


So my dear @dswigle 🥰
Here is the answer to your question
on what app I use 😉👍


Have a fabulous evening my amazing Hivers

And remember that 👉YOU👈
are AMAZING ❤️

cf6609d561a0cc5d8f7e6a8d4a6ab4d583e61936cfd564a1d2d180350d729cd2.0 (1).png




Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

Proud Member of #ladiesofhive


Beauty by @thekittygirl ❤️


🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for
all the blessings in it!


@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻


Thank you @enginewitty 💖

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Created by the Great @derangedvisions

Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner❤️


Wow, Sara! @saffisara These edits are pretty awesome. I especially love the flowers! Now you are talking my language! :)) And the church! I loved the church.

In fact, I really liked the edits of your old Nissan. What an epic piece of truck you let go of. But, you have lots of great shots of it. Snapseed is such a wonderful app. I tried it years ago when it was first introduced, but, the results I got were terrible, so I never went back to it. I just need to try it again. Your shots are stunning. If I get bad results again, I will cry! :)) Not really.

Okay, I loved all of your shots. It is just too hard to choose one. Oh, Sara! I am telling Bobby he didn't make it to the favorites! :)

I absolutely love this shot!!


WOW Denise 🙏❤️
I don’t know what to say, such amazing words and it means more than you know. So happy you liked them and the flower you picked turned out really neat, and I love the church.
It is amazing how much a picture can change and with edits you can make it looks so different and sometimes see it in a new way.. Lol

I was like you about snappseed and wasn't to impressed with it.
But together with the edits on my Phone I found that they do magic 😉 so now I am addicted 😁 lol

It is because of inspiration from amazing People like YOU,that I learned and grown in photography.
And I do find it peaceful to take pictures and fun with edits.

Your pictures are stunning and I often been Thinking I wish I could to 😉 and I love your writing so much,doesn't need much to say much.
And a picture... Says alot ❤️

Really happy you liked them and I know Bobby forgive you for not being a favorite 🐶🤗

Have a wonderful week and much love to You 🤗❤️🥰😘

Your posts are so fun to read. I just don't get out enough. ❤️🙂

These are great results
I think I should try this snap seed

Thank you very much twin 🥰
Glad you liked them, and you should totally try snapseed I love it 😉
Have a wonderful week and much love to You 🤗❤️😘

Interesting editing.
I have to say I like it a lot.

A little different edits Yes, but
I am glad you liked it 😉
Photography is my passion and sometimes it can make art.

Have a wonderful week. Cheers 🌸

Glad you liked it sis 🥰
Photography can be art, just like silver can be art and nature can be art. Its everywhere ❤️

Have a wonderful Day.
Much love ❤️🤗❤️

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At some point you must make a post dedicated in its entirety to the pictures of yourself that you make up. They put a smile on my face every single time and today's "broom broom" was no exception 🙂

Wonderful works of art, sis @saffisara!
Keep it up! 'Who knows, you might be selling them digitally!!

Awww... You are to sweet sis 🥰
Did you know that a guy that I gotten to know, actually asked me for a collaboration.
And not just any 😜 he asked if he could pick a favorite photograph from me and poured in silver 😳 WHAAAAT?
Apparantly he loves my pictures alot.
So Who knows what happens.
Stay safe and much love 🤗❤️

WOW, you have done a smashing great job here these are all awesome fun edits and looks like you enjoyed every second of doing this. I must take a look at this Snapseed app 😊