European bison close-ups / Wisent Nahaufnahmen

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In this article I show the remaining pictures of my last visit to the bison enclosure. The first part dealt with the reintroduction project and conservation breeding. Now here are close-ups of these animals, which are the largest rural dwellers in Europe.


In diesem Artikel zeige ich die restlichen Bilder meines letzten Besuchs am Wisentgehege. Im ersten Teil ging es um das Auswilderungsprojekt und die Erhaltungszucht. Hier nun sind Nahaufnamen dieser Tiere, die die größten Landbewohner Europas sind.



There are now many young animals in the bull herd, but they already look like the big ones. The age difference can be recognized by the shape of the horn. The older the more curvature.

In der Bullenherde sind nun viele junge Tiere, die aber schon wie die Großen aussehen. Der Altersunterschied ist an der Hornform zu erkennen. Je älter desto mehr Krümmung.



If the distance falls below the minimum distance of about 3 meters, there is a stare, a sniff and then the weaker one withdraws or is nudged with the horns.

Bei Unterschreiten der Mindestdistanz von etwa 3 Metern erfolgt ein anstarren, anschnaufen und dann zieht sich der schwächere zurück oder er wird mit den Hörnern angestupst.



The younger ones are always the last to dare to go to the fence, these animals cannot be tamed and maintain their wildness despite being close to humans.

Die Jüngeren sind immer die letzten die sich an den Zaun trauen, diese Tiere sind nicht zähmbar und behalten ihre Wildheit trotz der Nähe zum Menschen bei.



I hope you enjoyed it, I will soon visit the herd with the calves and report on it.

Ich hoffe es hat euch gefallen, ich werde bald die Herde mit den Kälbern besuchen und darüber berichten.



Camera: Canon EOS 200D
Lens: Tamron 70-210 mm
Edit: darktable


See you next time! / Bis nächstes Mal!

Thank you for your attention! / Danke für Deine Aufmerksamkeit!

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Those bison are living on earth with sign of historical and epic resistance, the eyes of its very clam and all the photos are very beautiful.

Its very quality full on animal, very effective angle to snap on them.

Nice photo shots there. I know close to nothing about these animals as they can't be found in my country (Nigeria). This fact about the horns showing how old they are does it apply to other similar animals too? Like sheeps, goats..

It is not so easy to see the age :)

Such a nice animal. I wouldn't dear to get close to it, only with right lense and camera, like you :)
Animals are my theme and I enjoyed your post...

I was 1 meter away, it is not dangerous if you are not talking and acting crazy. They are just looking if you have some food on you, if not they will go away in a few minutes. And there is a fence.

Thank you for sharing. Lovely creatures.

I always like the time there, it is like a time travel.

Excellent images that you show us, they are animals with a lot of strength, are they docile?

No, in no way. Here they are knowing that the humans give them food. In the wilderness they will run away from humans. No bigger accidents are known from the ones living in freedom.

I understand, these because they were born in captivity and are already used to it.

Amazing, thank you for the content :)

Wunderbare Tiere

Wunderbare Tiere!

LG Michael


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Amazing animal!