Before and After - Re-Edited Old Photos

Continuing with more re-edited old photos, these two were shot in 2010 from my kayak. I still have the kayak and I was actually out on it yesterday fishing with Quill dog. It has been on many photo and fishing adventures with me over the years. Again, these images are from an era where I had somewhat recently switched from film and my Photoshop editing skills of RAW images were minimal. Software, monitors, and gear were also not as good as they are today.

A. Before:


A. After:


B. Before:


B. After:


I never could decide which of these two images I liked best. Do you have a favorite? A or B?

Both images were shot handheld with a Canon 5D Mark II. A flash was used to light up the boulder under the water.


One more photo, just a phone photo from yesterday. Quill on the same kayak that I shot the above 2010 photos from, lol. It still works great!

Thanks for looking and I hope you all are having a great day!

Re-Edits, Post 1
Re-Edits, Post 2
Re-Edits, Post 3
Re-Edits, Post 4

Scott Thompson



I think you were good even in those years. Very good photos :)

Well, thank you @akkann!

What a difference!!!, more life in the after photos

Glad you like them!

I'd go for the B. HAHA. At first, I thought you accidentally paste those pics. When I checked again, I noticed the letter. HEHE. Mmm. Actually, Quill's photo is the best in this article. HEHE.

Ha! Yeah, I'll agree, Quill always steals the show. Cheers!

Quill always looks good lol and so do the old photos 👍

Right! It's hard to go wrong with a photo of Quill. Glad you liked the old photos as well.

I can't decide lol! Both look great :)

Perfect answer, thank you!!!

You're welcome. Cheers!

Ooh, judging by the last photo, you were fishing. Cool. When will I be able to go fishing? I didn't have time for it again last weekend.

I was indeed! But nothing was caught... It was mid-day and it was more about getting the dog out for some exercise. Fun times!

So I didn't go fishing tonight either. +30 degrees. I wanted to wander along the river with a spinning rod, but I realized that it would be very hot for me. And there was a lot of work at home in the evening. .I hope that my plan will come true this weekend.

Fish on!!! I hope you get out this weekend too. Good luck.

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Thank you! I will be working on more as I have time... Cheers!