Before And After, Re-Editing Old Images

I recently posted some re-edited images and said that I would try to work on more and post more. Well, I'm doing what I said, here's a few more new/old ones. These three were all photographed in 2009. Again, much better computer, monitor, software, and skills have be going back and re-working old favorites. Hope you like them!

Martis Creek, in Truckee, California.

Martis-Creek (1).jpg

Rocking Stone, above Downtown Truckee, California.

Truckee-Rocking-Stone-Sunrise (1).jpg

Lake Tahoe, in Tahoe City, where the Truckee River starts.


Again, I hope to re-edit and post more oldie-but-goodie photos on a regular basis. Thank you for looking and have a great day!

Re-Edit Post 1
Re-Edit Post 2

Scott Thompson



It seems to me that the second options look more interesting.

Then my goal was accomplished. Thank you!

Love the edits. Actually love the shots. Especially that last edit bringing out the boathouse is awesome. I'm looking at these thinking the old is like an old print that has lost some crispness and color. The edit is like the print when it was new.

Thanks @steven-patrick! Only the dull look was my fault, I'll take the blame.

Nice. I can see the difference, especially in your first image. Trees are more greener and the water is crystal clear. May I know what software did you use for this? Thanks.

Thanks! I use Photoshop's Camera Raw feature. I am re-working old Canon RAW photos, from a Canon 1DS MarkIII. Lots of updates and new features in Photoshop since I first worked on these in 2009.

Cool! Just saw your other blogs and the cover photos are really interesting. Will check your other articles later. By the way, thanks for the follow and the tip. Much appreciated. ☺️

Nice, thank you. Looking forward to seeing your posts. Cheers!

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