My Photo On The New Tahoe Quarterly Magazine Cover, WooHoo!!!

Bucket list item - CHECK! One of my Secret Cove, Lake Tahoe photos was recently licensed for use on the Tahoe Quarterly magazine cover.

I've lived in Truckee for 20 years now and over the years I've had my Tahoe area images on many different publication covers (and I appreciate each and every one), I've had my images on the inside of Tahoe Quarterly many many times... But this is my first Tahoe Quarterly cover!!!

In my opinion, as far as print quality and clarity, Tahoe Quarterly always has the best covers locally. The inside pages are always great print quality too, and the articles and photos are always top-notch. When I shoot real estate photography, I almost always see this publication on the coffee tables of high-end homes, and it is available for purchasing anywhere magazines are sold in the Truckee/Tahoe/Reno area.

TQFall22_cover_lowres.jpg(Image Source: Tahoe Quarterly)

The magazine was just released today, I still haven't picked up a physical copy yet, so no selfie with it yet... But here is a steem blockchain post about this photo, from when I originally shot the image in October, 2018: Four Fall Photos From A Recent Lake Tahoe Adventure

This is kind of a big deal for me... I hope you are all having a great day too. Cheers!

Scott Thompson



That's incredible. Can't say it's surprising based on some of the amazing photos you have shared here! Congratulations!

Thank you @castleberry! I hope to keep sharing many many more...

Lol just kidding. Congratz 👍 and awesome pic by the way. Great cover!

Ha! I said it's a big deal for me, not that I'm a big deal. LOL. But yeah, I thought about the exact same scene after I wrote that sentence... Thank you and cheers!!!

So cool!
That is a gorgeous photograph indeed and what an honor to have it in the cover of an important magazine.

Thank you! It's a great time of year up here. I should get out with the camera soon... Cheers!


Very nice! That sun burst is so perfect ;)

A perfect sunburst at the most perfect spot on the lake. Thanks @captainbob!

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