Re-editing Old Images From 2008!

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Yup, I've been at this photography thing for a while, Scott Shots Photography was started in 1998, I moved to Tahoe in 2002. 35mm slide film was my usual until Canon broke the 20 megapixel mark and I decided to go digital. I liked the images better than the scanned 35mm slides that I would print (using a 44" wide Epson 9600 printer). My editing skills have gotten a LOT better and Photoshop has had a few updates since 2008 so I thought I'd start re-editing my older images that I still like, they just are lacking...

I hope to have time to work on more older photos now that I'm in my "slow" season. Here's a few from 2008, about a year prior to buying my first smartphone (Motorola Droid 1) to give you an idea of the era.

Re-edited photo of Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe:

Here's was the image looked like on my website until today. Still a cool shot, but it definitely needed some love.

YUP! I was taking selfies before smart phones, lol. I had to use the good camera (a 21 megapixel Canon 1Ds Mark III) so the camera and tripod obviously weren't in the selfie shot then. Was it even called a "selfie" in 2008???


Another one of Sand Harbor in the morning, the top image was re-edited, the bottom image is the old version. Also 2008.
Sand-Harbor-Morning (1).jpg


And one more re-edited 2008 photo below. This is the first one I worked on and I forgot to save an older version it. Take my word for it, the re-edited version is much better.


Ah, memories... Once upon a time, I worked with a Samsung Colorsync CRT monitor, it was a decent monitor for photographers. But compared to the beast of a monitor I work on now, well... there is no comparison. Having a monitor that covers the whole AdobeRGB profile and is calibrated with modern tools is "life changing" for a photographer. It's a BenQ SW321C monitor, if you happen to be a photographer in the market for a new monitor, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Anyway, more re-edited photos coming soon as I add them to my website... Thank you for looking and I hope you all are having a great day!

Scott Thompson



Now and then i revisit some older works as well. It can be so much fun 😉

Right on! It is indeed. I have a lot on my to-do list now...

Canon 1Ds Mark III must have been a beast back then. bet it would still work great.

I was a bit younger and so was my back... The tripod I used to carry was a beast as well. And yup! I still have it and it still works. However, the LCD monitor on it sucked and I don't see myself ever using it again.

Wow such a big improvement. Just proves it was better in the old days lol just the photos couldn't capture it

It used to be easier to get a photo of Lake Tahoe with no people in the shot. So... yeah, it may have been better the in the old days indeed.

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