Photography: Lake & Nostalgia [EN]-[IT]

Photo of Lake Garda, Italy. In this post I am attaching some photos taken on the east coast of Lake Garda, Italy.
In these photos I wanted to photograph the nostalgia that one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy transmits during a rainy day.
Lake Garda has an area of ​​about 370 km² and is the largest Italian lake.

Photos of my property taken with IPhone-11


Foto del Lago di Garda, Italia. in questo post allego delle foto scattate sulla sponda Est del Lago di Garda, Italia.
In queste foto ho voluto ritrarre la nostalgia che trasmette uno dei laghi più belli d’italia durante un giorno di pioggia.
Il lago di Garda ha una superficie di circa 370 km² ed è il più grande lago italiano.

Foto di mia proprietà scattate con IPhone-11








The lake is always beautiful, the lake has its own charm for us to visit. Speaking of lakes, it reminds me of the lake in the Gayo highlands, Aceh. I want to go there soon for vacation. thank you sir for sharing with us some beautiful lake pictures 😉😁

this lake that I have portrayed in the photos is the most beautiful lake in Italy in my opinion ... the rain makes it fascinating, thanks for watching

yes sir, that's right. it happens often. my place too. The air here is very cool, especially with the rain... making the atmosphere even more interesting 😃

Stefanino veramente belle foto! Io purtroppo non ci sono mai stata ma spero di poterci andare!
Buona notte mio caro amico

Per quanto riguarda la mia opinione ti posso dire che ritengo il lago di Garda uno tra i laghi più belli d’Italia. Inoltre lungo le coste del lago ci sono davvero tantissimi paesi uno più bello dell’altro. Io conosco bene la costa est, ma da quello che so io è molto bella anche l’altra sponda del lago.

Quanto mi piacerebbe poterlo visitare!!!!!!
Spero di poterlo fare presto!!!!!
Quindi tu mio caro amico sei del nord?
Io centro, Lazio

Che bello il lago di Garda, quando posso ci torno volentieri

Ammetto che il lago di Garda è una delle mie mete preferite quando voglio rilassarmi un po’… È uno di quei posti che ho sempre visitato, e quando abbiamo l’opportunità cerco di tornarci. Inoltre ho voluto selezionare questa serie di foto che ritraggono il lago in una giornata di pioggia. A mio avviso anche in una giornata così grigia il lago mantiene il suo fascino.

Wow! This lake is so serene! I would like to go on a small sailing boat!!

I would like to go on a small sailing boat!!

I have not been on a sailboat so far, but I planned to buy and live on one in the past, but I realized that financially I could not maintain it. Nowadays I am planning to buy and live in an SUV. Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Oh! I also thought about SUV as a backup plan. But this would not work here. No where to park safely and the petrol might become scarce one day!
Wanna dig a cave or tunnel but I am not an engineer!

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, but in my opinion it is also the most beautiful. I have visited it 5 times in my whole life and I think I'll be back

Yup! This is an amazing nature landscape. Love to be there one day too!

Thanks for leaving a comment, I think Lake Garda is the most beautiful Italian lake. There are many beautiful villages along the coast of the lake and one is more beautiful than the other.

Such beautiful photos

Thanks for stopping by, this lake retains its charm even during the rain

That place is so amazing and also attractive, i think you enjoyed it very much.

I confirm that I have been there several times in this lake and it is beautiful. It is beautiful when the sun is shining, but it is also beautiful when it rains. It retains its charm in any weather situation

very beautiful scenery I really like the view that you share greetings from aceh

Nice photos, @stefano.massasri!
I imagine it is chilly!

hi Silver !! I consider Lake Garda to be the most beautiful lake in Italy, and as you can see even when it rains or the days are gray, this lake remains beautiful

I must say, that it is!!!
It is beautiful!!!

Nice pictures!