Currituck Beach Lighthouse #wednesdaywalk

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Against the sky

Welcome to my #WednesdayWalk hosted by @tattoodjay. I'm sharing a few photos from a recent walk to the Currituck Beach Lighthouse on the Outer Banks in Corolla, North Carolina.

The trail

It was a lovely day to explore the area strolling down peaceful lanes between the pines.

Lighthouse sign

Our destination was Currituck Beach Lighthouse.

Through the trees

As we got closer on our walk, you could see the lighthouse through the trees.

Bright sky

We finally got a good look. It was early morning before the lighthouse grounds were open.

Lighthouse story

Here's a brief history on the Lighthouse - built in 1875 - and you can climb to the top.


Since the lighthouse was not open yet we continued down to the shoreline.


There was a fun walkway out to a gazebo on the water.


We enjoyed watching this fisherman 🙂

Heron walking

What a beautiful day! Hope you got out there for a #wednesdaywalk today!


Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thanks 🙏🙏

Yay! 🤗
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such a beautiful area and I love ligthhouses so was glad to see this one

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk, its my pleasure to host it and see all the posts each week from all around the world, including yours, if you have time visit some of the other walks this week there are so many interesting ones

Lighthouses are always interesting. I agree. Kind of takes you back in time.

Ohh yes exactly

have a great day

Nice pics especially with the "fisherman", to catch fish you have to get up early 😀

Have a great day.

I watched and watched trying to get a picture or clip of fisherman with a catch but it never happened 😊