Flower pictures 😉 #wednesdaywalk


Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. Hope your doing well @tattoodjay 🙂 The local lake is starting to clear. Enough for some nice reflections today 👍

Corabelle (the poodle)

We got to walk the neighbors dog - Corabelle - today. She's a one year old standard poodle.


Today I decided to stop and take a few flower pictures on my walk. The first is a crocus 😁


Ok so there's no flowers yet but at least the bulbs are coming up. These are some day lilies.

Thawing flower bed

Here's a shot of a bed along our drive that has tulips and crocus. Unfortunately this bed doesn't get great sun so its gonna be awhile for these flowers.


Spring is definitely coming though 🌻 Hopefully some future #wednesdaywalk will have beautiful blooms 🙂 I'm back at the house so I guess that concludes another #wednesdaywalk. Have a great day!


Yay! 🤗
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My wife continues to thank me for not letting her get a poodle puppy in time for the baby. She thought it would be so cute to have a puppy and a baby at the same time. It would have been a disaster trying to take care of both at the same time lol.

Anytime wife is thanking husband things must not be in new baby full meltdown mode lol because then its all the husbands fault.

So far I avoided the chopping block, though She is still after me about selling some guitars lol

Привіт! Я українка! Живу в Італії! В нас досить тепло і квітнуть дерева та квіти! Весело співають пташки!

Thanks for visiting my post 🙏 it will be warm here soon and the birds are already singing 🙂

Yep, spring is coming... Yesterday you didn't get any ice ? In Montreal, it did a lot of damage, especially to the trees.

We got rain 😅