Fog and flowers #wednesdaywalk

Island in the fog

Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. Today I took my normal walk down to the lake but stopped to check out some of the spring flowers along the way.

Outlet to lake

The local marina has a dock running out to a small island. There is a shallow outlet to the lake for the boats to go out. The reflections together with the fog were quite beautiful today.

Walking companion

My walking companion shows up in red across the pond. She didn't want to climb over the fence onto the dock at the closed marina to take pictures 🤷‍♂️

Pair of geese

There are a pair of geese in this shot. One out for a morning tour of the lake and the other noisily honking from the shore. Also a sliver of ice is visible still hanging around on the lake.

Purple and yellow crocus

I walked down to the lake and back then stopped to check out the crocuses along my drive.

Variegated crocus

The crocuses just started blooming.

Cluster of crocus

This is the second year for these bulbs and they are spreading from one bloom last year to clusters of flowers this year.

White crocus

I planted a mix of white, yellow, purple and the variegated purple/white crocuses. Its so wonderful to see nature renew each spring bursting forth from its long, winter slumber. Have a great day and get out there for a #wednesdaywalk 👍


Beautiful photos! My first daffodil opened yesterday, so of course now they are predicting measurable snow for the weekend. 80°today though! Oh springtime!

We've been in the 60s here but my daffodils are still a bit away. Hopefully the snow isn't too hard on your flowers.

They have changed the forecast to rain. Another 80°day today. Suddenly my lilac bushes have baby leaves.

I don't have any lilacs. I ordered a few to plant this year.

@steven-patrick Woo! I love that lake, it looks like an image out of a thriller movie, but the most impressive thing is to see those beautiful flowers so colorful, it's a tremendously nice contrast. Greetings and hugs!

A killer stalks unsuspecting vacationers on the lake. Burying their dead bodies in his flower beds that he meticulously maintains 🤣

😱😱😱 Waoo you couldn't have described it better! Hahahahahaha, I had imagined something similar, but the truth is that scene is very inspiring to not only generate interesting pictures, but to create exciting stories, full of fantasy, mystery and terror.

You're lucky to be able to capture these foggy scenes. There's no fog where I live, so I'm admiring your photos instead :)

Fogs comes and goes with the seasons here. Its fun when you can catch it in a good photo 😁 We have lots of moisture here. Rain, snow, sleet, lots of humid days that if the weather is right can lead to foggy mornings.

Fog flowers and mirror like reflections love each and every one of the photos you shared with us all so beautiful the fog gives a nice surreal feeling

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk, Sorry last week was a bit rough for me and I not only did not get out for any walks, but also was not able to visit all the walks from last week, but feeling better this week and visiting posts again which is always fun for me to visit the walks from all around the world, getting a feel for communities where people live and what they see on their daily walks

Fog is mysterious. Fun change from the winter. Nice to see the lake all the way clear of ice finally.


See comments on the lake photos and must agree! Super atmospheric.

Lovely shots. 👌🏻

Thanks 🙏🙏

Nive views on the lake... and to finish the post some colors with these flowers, perfect 👍

Thanks. The lake was pretty that day and I've been waiting for the flowers.