Spring flowers on the way to the lake #wednesdaywalk


Welcome to my #wednesdaywalk hosted by @tattoodjay. I focused on some of our lovely spring flowers today. First up is a cherry blossom.


Next is a daffodil that is hanging around. Most of the daffodils are past their prime.

White blooming tree

In the woods, there are some lovely white blooming trees. Not sure what these are 🤔

Wild plum?

Google is convinced its a cherry blossom or plum maybe.


Crabapples are really pretty right now. Pink blooms that really show color before they open.

The road

A lovely gravel road through the perfect green grass and blue sky. This is #wednesdaywalk after all.


The road leads where all my walks go eventually... the lake. This is a neighbors dock.

The Lake

And here is my favorite view of the lake with some nice reflections. Hope you enjoyed my #wednesdaywalk and got out there for one of your own 👍


Yay! 🤗
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Nice to see an actual spring! Beautiful lake. Some of the daffodils around town have bloomed but they are still under snow in my yard, lol.

Thanks. We didn't have to clear that much snow this year. Its always the piles of cleared snow that last the longest.

Got to love the blossoms at this time of year they are so beautiful

but sadly for me they also wreck havoc on my allergies LOL

always love that view over the lake

Thanks for joining the Wednesday Walk, its my pleasure to host it and see all the posts each week from all around the world, including yours, if you have time visit some of the other walks this week there are so many interesting ones

I'm watching my fruit trees. Hoping for some fruit this year 🤞

Gorgeous. Love that Lakeview from the dock. And crabapples are so beautiful .. my own has SUCH a vibrant pink. You live in such a stunning place.

I love the view from that dock 😍 Unfortunately its not mine 🙁 there is some public beach on the other side of the lake and we are making friends with some of the people with docks 😉