Waterhouse and Paddlers Pub #marketfriday


Welcome to my #MarketFriday post hosted by @dswigle. My local lake is still closed down for the winter. But the ice is finally off the water and summer revelers will be here soon. There is a dock with a boat ramp on one side and a beach on the other. With a pub in between 🙂 Paddler's Pub


The beach is covered with docks waiting to be put back in the water. In addition to the pub, there is gasoline for boats, a small store, rental water sports equipment, even a campground and some cabins (Waterhouse).

Inlet to dock and boatramp

On the boat ramp side, there is an opening out into the lake.


Here's a nice view down the dock leading to the pub. I'll have to come back this summer and get some pictures inside. Although I'm not looking forward to the crowds 😅 This is a happening place in the summer. It was fun to get a few offseason photos. Have a great Friday!


Paddlers Pub sounds like my kind of place. Very nice!

I'll have a beer in your honor when it opens for the season 🍻

Cheers! !BEER

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It looks too cold

Still too cold but summer is coming 🙂

Another wonderful foggy shoot 😍
I'm just amazed and delighted to see these photos. We only get fog once a year, in November, if we're lucky, so you can imagine.

I love the foggy north woods look. Happy to share 🙂

I imagine that in summer this place must be very busy... maybe even already this weekend with this beautiful sun, no ?

The pub is open 🙂 you don't need the beach or a boat to have a beer lol