Summer difference in remote countryside

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I was exploring the remote countryside this summer of March, my only departure to find out how natural development in the remote countryside enters the summer of this March. In the afternoon, you can see the personality of the scenery around the rice fields, some trees begin to hang to coincide with the hot morning and evening sun like living in a vast desert ..

The open view looks perfect in the afternoon, while on the road to the countryside. The orange color is exposed to a shiny glow as the sun sets, this reinforces the summer season that will last until the end of March. Some of the residents' wells have started to dry up and so have golden colored water which is not suitable for consumption.

Life in the countryside today is like living in a dry desert. Many people choose to buy clean water for their daily cooking needs.

The emergency bridge connects between two different villages, every day the emergency bridge operates commercially for people crossing from village to village and heading towards the market.

The floating pond operates as a place for people's daily searches. This floating pond is made in the location of a tributary, the farmers use the tributary as a place for their daily search. They cultivate several types of freshwater fish, including tilapia fish and the like.

As good village children, some of the children of farmers who drop out of school use floating ponds as a place to find their economy. Some of them have their own ponds and some work with their parents. These are the moments when people living in remote villages choose their own way of survival.

©2021 All image original photographer by @tinta-tertuang

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