Have the Ancient Greeks Been in Latvia...?

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Good night, everyone!

The city of Riga has many interesting and artistic buildings, full of columns and decorations that reminded me of the Ancient Greek and Roman Civilisations... If I were to see these images without knowing where it was, my first guess would be Greece or Italy. It was a nice surprise to me to see the architecture styles present in this Baltic city.

The National Opera Building is a good example of it. It is a very beautiful building with an Ancient Greek style classic architecture.


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You got the columns and all the figures and statues that are usually seen in Greek buildings, including representations of Greek gods such as Apollo.

So, what happened here? Have the Ancient Greeks paid a visit to this region and left their mark?

No... That wasn't the case, according to Wikipedia. It says the building was constructed between 1860 and 1863 following a design by the German architect Ludwig Bohnstedt. I guess the dude was inspired by the Ancient Greek culture. Lucky for him, he didn't post his design sketches at Hive or else he would have been called a scammer and a plagiarist!🤭


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Well, plagiarism or inspiration? You decide. 🤔

I certainly liked it. And the Latvians enjoyed it, too. As you can see, the building is still standing after 160 years! No one demolished it or burned it to ashes because "plagiarism is bad... mmmkay?" 😜


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At the front of the building there was a small outdoors terrace where people could have a snack and a drink while they waited for the next show to begin. The National Opera is located by the Pilsētas Kanāls, a canal which crosses the city centre and was used in the past to defend the town from unwanted invaders, so the view from this terrace is quite spectacular. 😎


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This canal is surrounded by lovely gardens, all of which are well taken care of. It's a very common place for the locals to walk around just catching up on life, exercising or simply resting in peace and quiet.

If you're lucky with the weather, you can even enjoy some rainbows! 😁


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I hope you enjoyed these photos and made you want to visit the city sometime. 😊

LocationRiga - Latvia
CameraCanon IXUS 210
Photos1 (Untouched)
4 (Edited with GIMP)


Some may have... That's beautiful though.

Who knows... who knows? 🤭

Somebody does

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I don´t think it´s plagarism, it´s always good to have some references. I loved the rainbow one.

Exactly... then why are so many artists in this platform attacked for the same kind of inspiration? 🙄

I don't really know, i'm always flattered when people use something i did, obviously giving me due credit.

Gorgeous architecture there and it's especially nice to see the patrons outside unmasked like 'virus shmirus.'

Was there any gold at the bottom of that canal?

See you next time @trincowski.

I don't know. I didn't dive in! Maybe I missed a pot of gold. Damn. 🤪

Pictures are worth a thousand words so they say, @trincowski but you mighta wanted to get wet on that one. 👍🏿

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Those are Greek Ionic style columns :D Very pretty detailed structure...

I'm glad you like it, miss Architect! 🤗

Little knowledge ;)

Indeed, that's cheating 😂 But I do like it - It's a very pretty building :)

Aahaahah! And what are you going to do about it? Flag the guy? 🤪

Wow! I didn't know Riga has such buildings, inspired by the Greeks. Certainly, but other "new" countries have done the same... and the park. Lovely!

Yeah, that whole area along the canal is very nice! 😊

As they say, copying is the finest form of flattery ! Classical Greek styling suits the more modernist architectural design very well :-D

Ah ah! That's right... but on Hive, that will get you into a world of trouble! 🤭

Haha, I guess there are exceptions to the rule!

Excellent post my dear @trincowski

I love knowing about the natural and architectural beauties of the different places on the planet. It is like traveling without leaving home. Although I would like more to go in person hehehe

A big hug

I know what you mean. It's always best to go there ourselves! 🤣
Thanks for your virtual visit!

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Thank you very much, @lizanomadsoul! That's quite an honour! 😊

Hello there!
You won't believe Me but when I saw the photo of the building in Latvia it hit Me, German - right away!
It seems if it's not from the actual Greek or Roman civilian's time frame, a German probably has his hand in it.
After living there awhile I have learned of their love of "columns in architecture"!
You Have a Great Evening!

Hmmmm .... I didn't know about that German obsession with Greek and Roman architecture! 🤣
Thanks for sharing!

The Reich built them wherever possible! I know where (*unless they have been finally moved) some columns are laying sideways on the ground, and I mean large ones that were commissioned by Hitler, but never got "picked-up"!
I have Wish You a Great Rest of the week!

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