Sculptures that move

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Hello friends

Today I present this work of the sculptor

John Davies

A sculpture that impressed me a lot.
The human-sized figures in a completely empty room.
The sight of the men follows you throughout the room and altogether it is something that reaches your guts.

IMG_9806 copia.jpg

IMG_9811 copia.jpg

IMG_9809 copia.jpg

IMG_9815 copia.jpg

IMG_9812 copia.jpg

IMG_9813 copia John Davies.jpg

IMG_9796 copia.jpg

IMG_9816 copia.jpg

IMG_9814 copia.jpg

Each one, I suppose, will feel different things, but they do not bode well, rather misery and isolation, poverty and discouragement.
This is my post today so that you can see it yourself and think about what it means for you.

IMG_9802 copia.jpg

IMG_9807 copia.jpg

IMG_9808 copia.jpg

IMG_9804 copia.jpg

IMG_9800 copia.jpg

IMG_9803 copia.jpg

IMG_9801 copia.jpg

IMG_9805 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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impressive art work 😍👍

thank you very much happy afternoon

Interesante la obra de este artista, donde creo percibir atisbos de esa metafórica 'jaula social' en la que estamos inmersos, en esta aparente realidad donde todo es un completo engaño y nada es nunca lo que nos quieren dar a entender. Feliz día

ellos estaban tan triste como nosotros
este año mejor no acordarnos
feliz tarde

Love these sculptures! Nice photos ❤

thank you very much happy afternoon

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