The Prince - bar and cafe - the entrance. (series of images).

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This beautiful old entrance to the old building is located in the old central part of TelAviv. I remember these old days when on the second floor together with the cafe and bar existing there today was a big second-hand book store. It was possible to sit there with the coffee or whatever and to read one of the old books standing on the big open cabinets with shelves.
I tried to find some historical page or a notice about this building, but my searches have been in vain. Too sad to get that some cultural places just lost their historical meaning and sense.
Probably people are really not interested in when this building was constructed but what price of the cocktails in the popular bar of this place.

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-6.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-1.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-2.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-3.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-4.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-5.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-7.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-8.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-19.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-11.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-12.jpg

The Little Prince- TelAviv_2022_by_Victor_Bezrukov-13.jpg


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They are charming photos and endowed with a mysterious halo... It looks like a rather particular place... Excellent images!... Thanks to you for sharing @victorbz friend!

thank you friend !

This looks like a very interesting place.

thank you very much 💚

What a wonderful piece of history and culture this is! It was difficult to find out anything about this building but, this is exactly the kind of find that I love!

The prince is a liquor and culture house that is located in a very urban spot in Tel Aviv on a roof that overlooks the view of the estate and the building itself is a historic building that was used as the first hospital in Tel Aviv so that history is present in the present. A rich menu including a new brunch! In the adjacent space there are party performances And more diverse cultural events! HAPPY HOUR that starts at 2:00 PM and ends at 7:00 PM! You are welcome to come in droves!

I found more pictures here