Association of State Constitutional Law Department 2016

The association of constitutional law majors is extraordinary because we have been separated for so long by the time and for such a long time to make a very extraordinary longing. since we went to college, we have become a family that is able to become advanced constitutional law students and keep moving forward to pursue our dreams of becoming outstanding students. We often pass by, all of us become students who are active in lectures, both in organizational and social classes to build the potential of the campus and the department of constitutional law. During our time in college, we were always in joy and sorrow, we were still together. after we graduated from college since 2020 we were graduated and separated because often time everyone has their respective activities both in the social field, work, each other's business and so on, there are also those who have married until they are happy. on this occasion the big family of constitutional law, both those who are married or already married and who are not still active in the community, Alhamdulillah, today on the 16th we were met which is a very big happiness, special because we can meet face to face again at the same place. the view of the sea coast of Lancok aceh Indonesia, we immediately had a warm conversation that made us even happier and wanted to repeat our time in college. but everything has passed and it is impossible for us to go back to before. We will never forget this moment and we will remember it forever.











friends, students and students or the community in conducting gatherings both on the beach in the open so that they always maintain good safety from health from food and drink to people who are not known so that they are not easily trusted because now there are many robberies, rapes and others, please take care of each other so that we can always be together in our unity, both our families and society in general. after a day of friends and others in us gathering and doing activities all day long how beautiful it is that we always take a clean shower and wash our hands before eating and protect our souls from slander and other mental activities. so that everything becomes beautiful, healthy and safe. world or the hereafter, good friends, take care of our families, our friends and society in general. That's all from me

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