pull the land trawl at Ujongblang beach, lhokseumwe city, aceh Indonesia

this morning starting at 5.30 am. The people of Aceh, Indonesia, usually wake up early in the morning, the crowds go to the seafront to see the state of the sea so that the activities of the fishermen community immediately engage in the marine sector to find fish or the habit of pulling land trawls on the beach. Usually people use trawl nets which are a habit in the morning to catch fish. As usual, a group of fishing communities use land trawls to catch fish using bots. small boats with members from 7 to 10 people .. those who gather draw trawls on the beach, both parents and children and as is customary in the culture of seafront communities. The process of pulling the sea trawl on the beach starts from taking the rope, then in the nets as a tool to make it easier for the members of the drag net to dance.




such as the process carried out by the practice of pulling sea trawls on the beach so that it is easy to pull the trawler. firstly, all of the members' legs must be at the same time so as not to shake and shake in pulling the trawl, the second way to pull the trawl should not be running, thirdly, pulling the trawl should not be sleeping... so how to pull the trawler correctly should be in accordance with the rules that have been set. used for generations taught by the commander of the head of the drag trawler who became the center of the regulations on how to pull land trawls on the seafront of Aceh, Indonesia.





Finally, after 2 hours had passed, the trawl pulling was carried out on the seafront. The community had carried out the trawl pulling activity this morning, finally getting extraordinary satisfying results using the land trawl by a group of fishing communities. finish and get the big big fish, both selar fish and anchovies and other fish that are obtained using a land trawl which is pulled by a group of fishermen. The trawl was carried out this morning until it was finished. The fish that have been obtained from the dragging of the trawl are directly collected into the fish basket so that the fish can be separated to make it easier to sell to the market. After selling the fish, the money that is obtained from the results of the trawl pull is directly distributed according to the rules made by the chairman, it must be divided on an average, no cheating in sharing the results of the trawling that was carried out this morning until it was finished. @zanilzahara


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