Southern night in Istanbul

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Happy Friday, folks!

It's Friday 13th, and I hope you are having fun despite our hard times. I visited a nail salon last night and talked to the manicurist girl. We are not friends, so we discussed common things like corona (most world's common topic, unfortunately) and vacations. As our days become shorter and nights colder we think more and more often about holidays. But back to where I was.

She had a birthday in October and her parents made a most wonderful gift for her - a trip to Istanbul. Moreover, it was her 1st journey abroad ever! Oh, what I wouldn't give for those impressions!

So, we both were there in October and had an unforgettable time there. We talked and talked, and 2 hours got away from me. And it inspired me to edit another portion of photos I've taken there and share them with you to paint you Friday night.







Usually, I don't take guided tours. But this time I made an exception and it paid off. Those guys spent many days is Istanbul and now are almost like locals :D On that night, they took us to amazing viewpoint, a terrace of a cafe. As I could see, locals come here to enjoy the sunset over the Golden Horn and both European and Asian parts of the city.




At the particular time, the sounds of namaz begin to call from the minaret of the Blue Mosque. And it all together make the night just perfect...


Last picture on the way to the hotel

Just like in this song:

I wish you a splendid weekend!



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Io non ci sono mai stato, ma provo sempre un certo fascino per quelle culture, anche se la mia è diversa, ma deve essere bellissimo poterle visitare, spero un giorno di poterci andare anche io, bella...bella..bella..

Especially at night! :D
Thank you for dropping by, @andyjim!

What wonderful views of this ancient city! I like the shots that have muted colors and a "dreamy" quality to them! That last night shot with the blue fountain is superb! Love that! 💙

Oh really? You like the last one? I was hesitating whether to use it or not 😊
Thks is Haya Sophia, and the fountain changed its color, so lovely 🥰

Thanks a bunch for the feedback and here is some !BEER for your Friday night 😉

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wow such an amazing view and great photography too thanks a lot for sharing.

Thanks & Regards
-----Together we will make this a better place-----

I appreciate your comment, dear @bhattg!

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Спасибо, что порадовали этой фотоэкскурсией!!! Иакое ощущения, что я побывал там.

И всё-таки лучше побывать... 😉🥳

Тут нереально спорить.

я бы тоже очень хотел. мечта моей жизни (одна из). но, увы..

Сейчас все почти что в равных условиях...

хмм... ну, разрешите, я отклоню это приглашение перейти в ветку разговора в определенном направлении, с рассказом как оплачивается честный труд квалифицированного опытного специалиста. на что ее, оплаты, хватает. и моё положение еще лучше, т.к. я не в провинции а в мегаполисе живу, с инфраструктурой и деньги тут крутятся. равные возможности, о да. вы еще скажите - для собственного бизнеса и личностного роста. хихи. alas.

Извините, что задела больную тему. Но я имела в виду другое. Что теперь даже те, кто имеет финансовую возможность путешествовать за границей, никуда особо не уедут

a! ну это да... но этот аспект от меня, не путешествующего, так далек... (как от простого гражданина до министра)

извините, чтоя вас неправильно понял. как говорится, у кого чего болит :=)

Не страшно)

Excellent work :-)

Thank you! ;o)

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Yayyy, thanks a lot!

a nice story, I like the stuff. if not the mosques I would have no idea it could be Istanbul! all the residential buildings looks so modern way
photo-lovers curation review brought me here

The area of Istanbul called Northern Europe is very popular nowadays. Appartments there are new, comfortable and well equipped. Oh, and more expensive and prestigious

that sounds reasonable. personally, I'd prefer older and cheaper with less comfortable conditions and especially no extra prestige (well, unless it is a pure criminal getto, ofc ) :P