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Hello, it's me again!


How are you today, my dear friends? Shall we have a break and walk on the sunny roofs of Istanbul? It will be fun! You've seen Grand Bazaar from the ground and inside, now let's look at it from the top.


It was an exclusive walk organized by our guides. There is no luxury here, no glitter or chic, and no strict style. But what can you see among these old roofs, overgrown with grass and trees, old arches and darkened bricks?

The unique story of this fabulous place, its soul, its survival, struggle, victory in some way, defeat in some places.




But if you find yourself here on Friday noon, you'll hear how the air is filled with a fantastic chorus. When calls to Friday prayer from every mosque join all together into a beautiful endless sound. It's flowing through slowly like a river, while minarets "overlap" with each other.



Can you hear it?


In the Islamic calendar, Juma (or Friday) is a holiday, but not necessarily a non-working day. In fact, Juma is considered a day of rest and is celebrated weekly, as Christians have Sunday, and Jews - Saturday.




Well, our short photo break is over. I hope my photos helped to keep you warm and smiling :)


All photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself. If you wish to use any of my images please contact me @zirochka.


Thank you for joining me today!

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To be continue...

Stay tuned!



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