Rising Star game progress update closing in on 100K STARBITS

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Good Evening Community

These last couple of days on #risingstar have been very good mission wise.

I have gotten really close to the 100K STARBITS mark less than 10k STARBITS to go and it is likely I will achieve 100K STARBITS within the next 24 hours.

Once I hit the 100K mark I will likely buy the 12 packs for 100k STARBITS offer as that seems like A good offer to me.



I just hope that my pack luck is good because well it won't be good just getting common cards, I wanna become A rockstar after all.

I will be making up A follow-up post to this sharing my pack opening so do consider following my blog to see that, With that being said this concludes my post.

Thanks for reading community


Good luck. Packs can go either way but I hope you get more awesome than common cards. Here's to epics and legendaries! Looking forward to seeing the results!

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