Rising Star My Birthday Pack for myself


My birthday is April 5th so I decided to celebrate and buy a random card pack with starbits I earned playing. I really love this pic mic. As a singer I would love this thing!

I also decided to purchase the bunny card required to run the Easter missions. I'd love to earn one of those special cards. I will be getting the Birthday Cake card on the 8th. That will refresh my energy every 12 hours. This will help not just with the special Easter mission but also band auditions.

I am also starting to rethink my strategy a little. After band auditions I want to earn my way to Starbits millionaire. That would be more easily accomplished if I temporarily saved all of my Starbits and lose my top 100 leaderboard spot. I can get it back once I have that millionaire card. Running the 10k Starbits mission once a day , in addition to my regular earnings will really help my game play.

I haven't made a final decision yet but that's what I'm thinking. Alternately , I could use the Hive I earn on my posts to buy Starbits and speed up the process. Of course I could do both. :)

Thanks for reading. i really appreciate it.


Happy birthday. I think the millionaire title is better in the long run so it depends on what you want to do.

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