Rising Star Progress this week

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I am starting to make a little progress in the leaderboard. It will be a while until I reach the top 100, but that is my goal.

My current rank is 171 but that bounces a bit day to day. The fastest way for me to increase my rank is to get unique cards. This will be easy at first because there are many inexpensive cards that I don't have yet. However moving up to the top 100 will be quite expensive in the long run.

Right now I'm alternating between random card packs and buying unique cards. I can afford to buy a pack and a card in one week (using my earnings). This is slow, but steady progress.

Hopefully it will work out and I'll see you in the top 100 :)

Today's strain I am enjoying is Guice one of my faves


Yay! 🤗
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