I'm so close to level 75 and my first audition

in Rising Star Game14 days ago


Lately I continue doing the missions that more starbits pay me, to buy a promotion more than 12 packages for 100,000 starbits.

I am very grateful that the profit has increased because before I got a pittance and it was more than a month to reach 100,000, now I think I will taradare around 2 weeks.


I am not very aware of the pool draw because I am in a very distant position, but I do not know how convenient it is if in the end the ones with the most cards will always win.


Position number 94 :D


Nice keep going! i look forward to seeing your pack openings!

Nice! I JUST started playing pretty recently, so I'm just starting out. I didn't even get the point of it at first, but it started to make sense and now it's fun. I play as @scootermcd.

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