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Thank you all for entering my giveaway, I appreciate you all and hope your Rising Star careers are doing well! I have just about saved up 50,000 Starbits since I found my legendary cards, aiming for 100k for a big pack opening with more to give away!

Thanks to everyone who is participating: @btcsam @imfarhad @rafasete @finris @m3ss @irisworld @amaillo @alejoca @xgoivo @zonadigital21 @trentonlundy1 @mario02 @belhaven14 @krodash @kuronokenshi @supriya.gupta @javiss @lacandela @zarwelius


Congratulations @rafasete ! Enjoy your 1000 Starbits & thank you for participating!

TX ID: /tx/8b25d077fd92e54d12aa8f3c0c47843da21c4a86

How To Participating For The Next Giveaway-

1.Comment anything below (include your Rising Star name)
2.Upvote this post
3.Winner will be drawn in the next Thread! Goodluck + Enjoy


Hey bro, thanks for your contests, please list me for the next draw :D!

congrats to @rafasete

Please add my name in the next draw, thanks
username - imfarhad

I want to participate. @zenitsu12

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add me please.

Add me to the next draw plz

Please add me in for the give away.

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count me in please ministickupboy !PIZZA

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Congratulations to the winner, I want to participate in the next draw my user is @mario02. Regards

Hey, ty so much and count me in for the next one 😀😀😀

Please enter me in the giveaway :) @finris

I'd like to play please! @belhaven14

Add me for the next one ! @amaillo

@dubble! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trentonlundy1.

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Thank you for the contest username: lacandela

add me for the next.

add me for the next one


Hi, add me up plz @ruralio

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add me please.

We are the champions, my friends! Thanks for the oportunity!

congratulation to the winner! please add me @tawadak24 on the next draw. thank you so much.

Hey thanks for the contest - please add me: tdctunes
thank you!


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