Rising Star Giveaway S9 (Beethoven)(ends 26 November) Weekly Giveaway #5

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This game, when you start it feels really simple. You do a mission, if you haven't invested anything yet you wait for energy if you can't do a mission. Once you start getting enough starbits or invest a bit into pizza's, pizza boxes etc. it becomes a bit more "complicated". But I'm at that point of having many options and it opens up a lot more then it did before.
There's record staking, music promoter and many more things. For now I still feel like I will just buy packs as packs increase your cards and most likely your fans, which in turn increases your starbit per mission slowly. But one of these days when I feel like I earn enough starbits daily I will delve into these more complicated areas. But for now I'll get cards and more cards.

About my progress

So now I've actually passed lvl 125 which opens up:

county festival auditions.jpg

As most missions that to progress for the next mission you need to do like 10 of them. So I will be doing those for sure and in the mean time balance skill/fans out and earn as much starbits as I can. As we all know opening packs is a lot of fun, specially when you get an epic/legendary.
I still have yet to get a legendary, but oh boy when I get one I will be thrilled for sure.

Last weeks giveaway winner

Last week the price for the giveaway was:

Scary Mary.jpg

Which has been won by: @loloyaso
Congrats you won Scary Mary!

This weeks Giveaway

This card could you only could get by purchasing 12 packs with 50 hive at once, which had a limited amount of of 500.
Which has now already been passed. As the new one you can get now from it is: Chopin.
Anyway this is the card you can win:


To participate just comment below with which hive account you want to receive the card.


Rising Star


Wow, awesome card. I want to participate (@btcsam).


What do you call an airline full of bald people?
Receding airlines.

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I want to participate @amaillo

I want to participate @yeckingo1

I want to participate @oxidil

goodluck to all :) @usamaro

congrats on passing lvl 125!
count me in for giveaway plz @lologom

I want to participate 🍀

I want to participate, thank you


WOW, it is a great great card, please count me in

I want to participate, thanks

Damn, great card. Thanks for the giveaway, count me in please @dubble

Count me in ^^ @subidu

I want to participate again.

Beethoven was a cool man :)
I want to participate @yras

I want to participate @freed99

Thank you for this rare opportunity! please include me in the giveaway! cheers! @lofone

Count me in (@dambito)

I want it so bad!!! I want to participate @soyuntito

I want to participate @oskarl21

I want to participate @mario02

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Awesome giveaway! Please count me in

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Woow! Cool card, I want to participate

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What a card!!
GL every1!

beethoven! You deserve !PIZZA @cryptoph0823


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