Advancing my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY

Cor, gee,

what a super little synth!

The day has come when I've reached level 12. I eagerly await the moment when I can complete the "Saturday Headline" mission, because that will be enough to instantly unlock a new area of the map for me, the "Local Gig Circuit". It normally wouldn't be possible, but I have the the required Guitar already... Or so I thought. Ugh, what I already had in my collection is the Blue Guitar, not the Mid Range Guitar. But it's okay, because I've just bought one for 3500 STARBITS.

Now that I'm back at being excited, I can tell you that my EGO experience has been all right. Running along with me are 4000+ fans. Even though I only have 1500 skill, I think that's okay. I'm going to get a lot more STARBITS even if I let the EGO meter sit at 62% anyway. What's really important is getting to that first million STARBITS soon enough. I am now over 110k, so more than 10% of the way. This pace is good enough for me.

All that's left to tell you is that you should leave a comment down below to participate in today's card giveaway, which will be sent to a randomly selected winner when this post pays out. So you have no more than 7 days to join before it's too late. Today's card is the Bargain Beater. Good luck to all of you who are going to participate and thanks for reading my post!



i would love to participate in the draw! thanks!

I need to buy a mid range guitar to start on that new map. I've been stalled out just building skill and levels recently. Count me in for the drawing. Good luck everyone!

I see no reason to refuse a bargain! I hope that drum set is worth it.

You will have to wait and see. :)

É bom você controlar seu EGO. Quanto mais estiver, menor Starbits você ganha.
Então é bom fazer lições de musicas para abaixar o ego, ou senão comprar cartões com bastante Skills, ficando com o dobro de Skills comparado ao fãs.
Boa sorte na busca do milhão.

You won! Card sent. :) I sent you i27 Cheap Keyboard V2 instead, though.

Proporção de 1 para 1 já está bom para o ego não prejudicar os ganhos, mas mesmo com skill menor, acredito que ainda valea a pena seguir fazendo missão.

Sim, mas eu ia ter que comprar muita carta pra chegar lá. Não preciso estar no ideal :P

Aa sim, eu falo no cenário perfeito é ter o EGO 0. No inicio meu Ego era alto tbm, mas com o tempo vai abaixando.




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Hey @felipejoys, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.