Met Brad Paisley in my Rising Star career + STARBITS GIVEAWAY

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Now I'm all out of songs

From all the recommendations I've gotten, I'm only covering artists I hadn't heard of yet. That means I'm all out of artists - recommend me a band or an artist you adore. That's what you have to do for today's giveaway. What you can get this time? 3000 STARBITS. Not too good to be true, not too shabby either. I may not be your uncle, but this is raw money is a gift for your pocket.

Leave me a comment recommending me anything musical you'd like me to listen to participate. Everything recently covered has been country, so bonus imaginary points if you send me something else. For now, the latest and greatest comes from Brad Paisley, suggested by @moonthumb. It comes off as funny at first, but damn, it has a lot of meaning to it, as long we get to hear it to the end.

Maybe you don't want to suggest me a song. Aw. Well, you can still participate by telling me how you're doing in your own Rising Star career! Or by saying anything else, really. Leave me a comment. :)

The video above comes directly from Brad Paisley's YouTube channel.


Some pink floyd of course

I haven't heard as much by them as I should, so sure!!

Try a song called "comfortably numb"

Let me know what you think.

Thanks. I will let you know soon enough!

Escuta "Volta Comigo BB" do Zé Vaqueiro. Acho bom demais!!

Not sure if serious...

kkkkkk, te falei que sou bem eclético!

This is really nice..

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It brings some feels.

Sewerperson, very unknown but makes fantastic music!

You win!

thank you so much! Love the card!

Intriguing! I'll add them to the list.

I remember the day Jux added the leaderboard to the game. I started at #34. I made it up to #7 then my account got hacked. I'm now back at #31

I made it up to #7 then my account got hacked

Dude! That sucks! I'm sorry. I'm glad you are rising again.

Listen to some Peter Tosh

Thank you for the recommendation, it's really helpful. :)

Here's one you might not have heard before...

I'll listen to it soon! Thank you.

K-Pop group BTS is on the top these days xD

BTS? I think I've heard about them, but since I'm not even sure if I have, of course I'll add it to my list!

Awesome music.

Please add my name for the draw.

Please signup me for your next giveaway.

You can count on it.

you probably know them but i recomend 2 cellos for you!


I do... They're fantastic!