Regressing my Rising Star career + CARD GIVEAWAY

It'll make you sound like you are playing in a toilet

but at least you don't need to flush much money away!

On my way of becoming a millionaire, I've stumbled upon the quest's description: you need to be level 50 before you can complete it. Damn! Considering my pace, I was buying STARBITS way too quickly. Totally ahead of time. So I've decided I'll just farm music lessons for a bit. At least, until I am level 15, when I get the Local Gig Circuit unlocked. But instead of dumping those 120k STARBITS, I decided to spend them. Yaay, spending spree!

Investing in microphones was the easiest choice for me, because singing lessons were already giving me more skill points than guitar lessons. After investigating market prices for a few minutes, my choice was clear, even though I accidentally bought the wrong mic first. I now have two of those. Either way, what I had decided to do is purchase as many of the 80's Mic available. It had the best cost-benefit ratio. Around 90k STARBITS were spent in this process.

Now, my singing lessons increase my skill by 58~116 each time. Dramatically better than the previous 13~25. The conclusion is: leave me a comment down below to participate in this post's card giveaway! This time, a randomly selected winner will find an i26 Rickencrapper in their inventory, shortly after this post pays out. Good luck to everyone.



I was wondering what the "It'll make you sound like you are playing in a toilet" reference related to. Kept me reading to the end of the post. 😁

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Thanks for reading it!

I want in on the giveaway.

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You are in on the giveaway.



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hahaha! Toilet Tunes!! Aint nothing like the toilet blues!

You could also buy a 12 pack! You are score instruments and will increase your fan count for sure. so more starbits earned during missions! This is always a plus!

toilet blues!

Oh my god haha!

You could also buy a 12 pack!

I will do that for sure. :)

Jughead once sang in his toilet and it sounded good... Oh, no, it was in a phone cabinet...
Please, count me in your contest...

Phone cabinet, toilet, what's the difference anyway!

😒 ..............................
Phone cabinets are not made to be wasted...

id love to participate! thanks!

You won! Card sent. :)

I want in on the giveaway!!! 😄


You are participating.

That's a nice bonus to skill with each lesson!

Good thing they stack up.

Count with me in the next round :)



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