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A few words

Does the Band Auditions mission do anything useful? Or is it for aesthetic purposes only? It unlocks new band members - does that do anything to increase our starbits earnings? Also, have you bought any tracks available on Rising Star? If so, which?

Reporting for duty

I am a Rising Star millionaire, holding 1 million starbits at level 50. This enables the STARBITS Millionaire quest once a day, which earns me 10k starbits every time for 65% energy. Starbits earned this way are spent buying packs. One card is given away every single day.

Level: 50
Fans: 14255
Luck: 2893
Skill: 37366
IM: 269

Giveaway goal: Make giveaways for Chubby Subby. 4/5

Leave a comment if you want to join this giveaway, for the card in this post's image!


Please count me in - @harpreetjanda

Count me in pls! Thanks!

heck yeah I'd love to win this bad boy!

Good luck everyone!

Count me in please! @emd012

I want to participate @yeckingo1

Please count me in @funferall

I would like to enter the giveaway.

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Count me in ^^ @subidu

Hi, please count me in,

Add me for R62 Chubby Subby.

I want to participate in the giveaway.@mario02

Pelo que eu lembro é apenas estético, mas não tenho certeza

ah, que sem graça. n, pera, tem uma região do mapa q precisa liberar membros da banda eu acho

Vdd, tinha esquecido

Count me in :) @mpoukovo

gracias por los sorteos que haces para ayudar a la comunidad 💪🏻 Yo quiero seguir participando por favor @lokywolf2295

count me in please!


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Please count me in @gideongys

Yay! 🤗
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Pls count me in

I'm in brother! cheers! @lofone

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