Whosandawhatnow? It's the Stick up boys - or is it...

in Rising Star Game6 months ago

Was mooching around my local Tescos, when I saw this.


I had to do a double-take - thought our very own @stickupboys had been talent spotted by Coke for their amazing giffage work and snapped up in a sweeeet sponsorship deal.

Doubly weird given the recent drink shenanigans with @tdctunes...

I make music!

Find gribblymusic & gribblystuff here --> https://flow.page/gribbles


Have Tesco's been watching my show for ideas??



They're launching their value range modular synths next month...

I'll wait for the Finest range of modules!

Okay, did we step into a parallel reality or something??? That is TOO eerily close to our reality.....

Mind blown!!




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