New cards, zones, level and achievement | 25 level

Hello Rising Stars!

I want to share with you my achievements.
First, I on 25 level now!

I open new zone!


@andrewmusic gave to me 3 cards! Thanks to him!




Also I win new card!


I also collected Starbits for a week to buy a card with a rabbit and take part in the Easter competition.

This competition runs until April 30th. It was still available in the morning. I was finally able to buy a card, but the contest is already over. I did not make it in time. Huh.

So I buy card with rabbit.


My parameters now.



Well done. Achievement unlocked. Bummer you couldn't hit the Easter mission as hard as you wanted. But at least you got a bunny card!

Ah its too bad that you did not get the Bunny in time to get an instrument. From my own rates of running the mission, it was probably around 10% chance of getting an instrument.

Congratz on opening the next map.

Way to go! It always makes me happy to see new #RisingStar users having a blast. I thought I would have another chance or two to grab an Easter instrument, but that's okay... I'm glad you were able to get one. Which one did you get? Thanks for sharing your progress, Gulia! :)

I dont. I didn't get it in time. When I bought the card and came for the competition, it was no longer available.

Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you were saying. The Jive Bunny is still a sweet card, and the next seasonal mission isn't too far down the road, I'm sure. :)

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