Rising Star - Ego is not a problem for now...

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Hello all friends,
Posting on game after a brake but paying everyday.
More playing means more starbits and yes more ego also.

Sharing my game status....


Have you noticed one thing.. the ego meter is at ZERO...


Their was a time when the ego meter was more then 35%, yes its huge.
I decided to balance it.
So I starts with the music lessons and I was performing music lessons only for full day. It relax a bit but not as per the expectations. Then I do the analysis to find the reason for same. I come to point that I have sufficient skills but he problem is I also have much more fans too.
To perform the Home Town I need max 300 Fans but in actual I was carrying too many.


I explore the options to reduce excess fans for temporary basis. And finally I decide to purchase a Storage trailer.
I keep some cards with high fans (without skills) in their and the results yo can check in the status picture.

How it effects

More ego means less starbits per mission (max).
When the ego meter was more then 30%, the maximum starbits earnings was reduced to less then 900, which are now more then 1300.

Starbits : - I have 114894 Starbits in my game account.
Which are equals to the aprox 49.4 Hives.


Till date completed 1170 missions.
At present I am at level 72.


Have you start playing the game if not feel free to use my referral link ans start earn Starbits token.

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It is tough to balance both ego and Starbits balance, Look like you have reached at very higher levels in game.
I think you should add cards that add more skills then fans.

I am at level 72 now...
Actually I have sufficient Skill but the problem was Fana (Ibhave nearly 1k fans)...
To complete the maximum mission of Home Town you need only 300 fans... so I decided to keep the cards with fans only in container and results yiu can see 0 ego....

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Thanks team...

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