Community Member Proposal - Double Currency

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Hi all,

We woke up for a better day for RisingStar. In addition to Music Lessons, now we have Special Missions & Mini Games for our game. They are under construction but their presence is enough to hype the game :)


For now, we don't know much about the Mini Games but we have some information over the Special Missions on our discord channel.

Other token holders will be invited to be sponsor for special missions and players can earn these tokens when they accomplish the mission. That's a brilliant idea. I'm pretty sure that we will have many special missions in which players will earn Hive tokens.

Currently we only have 1 mission. By doing it, you can earn 5 ATOM token for %20 energy.

Let's make some math:

Players can earn 5 ATOM tokens for %20 energy in 10 minutes with the mission.

Listeners can earn 5 ATOM tokens for %0 energy consumption in ~ 15-16 minutes.

Well, I choose to save my energy for Open Mic Night mission and earn 10-52 Starbits.

Briefly, the incentive needs to be more attractive for special missions, otherwise, our Starbits currency has more use case and value compared to ATOM players earn from the special missions.

You grumble a lot but what is your suggestion?

I suggest to have double currencies in RisingStar because for now ATOM has no market volume and the incentive do not satisfy the players.
StarBit is the main currency of the game and its value is admitted by all. However, we can also bring the action of ATOM token by linking ATOM collection with the RisingStar. (At the end of the day, the same person/people will get what they deserved)

It will be like;
Do you want to earn Starbits? Conduct missions, buy/sell NFTs or trade in Hive-engine.
Do you want to earn ATOM? visit atomcollectorrecords, earn tokens and they will be in your RisingStar balance. You can buy/sell NFT, trade in Hive-engine.

To recap,
Double currency application

  • will bring use case for ATOM token,
    • will bring new players for nearly free tokens.
      • will enable existing players to trade easier.

What is your suggestion? What do you think? Please comment on the post or contact through Discord.


Thank you for the detailed suggestion!

I totally agree about the first missions not really being worth it but I'd actually already added a longer mission before you posted this! :-)

Screenshot 20200626 at 12.23.17.png

In relation to using ATOM in the game you can already do this as I have added a number of cards on the market for ATOM. We moved the ATOM token from Steem to Hive a few weeks ago so withdrawals from now goto Hive Engine.
Hopefully others will start to list their cards for sale for ATOM in the future too.