Rising Star - Illegal Busking STARBITS giveaway #23


Till fans get bored

About giveaway: The concept is very simple, do an "Illegal Busking" mission until fans get bored and payout drops (5 missions total), then give this sum away to help other players out. As the mission payouts are random I'll be giving away 80% of the total payout and use 20% as a head start for the next giveaway. For this first giveaway.
Today's results are here:

Mission 12778Reward:5185
Mission 2191Next bonus:1297
Mission 3845
Mission 4249
Mission 5602


Again some sad streak, but I'm happy the reward is 5k+.

JACKPOT announcement here

Prize for last giveaway was 7226 starbits.

Last giveaway participants:
@alvaro8 @hhayweaver @mimismartypants @kurogan @dirtnowitzki @chuckrick @cibersk8 @tlundy47 @javiss @preddor95 @handtalk5 @jfang003 @musdim @manukass @irisworld

And the winner is:

Starbits sent:


Rules for participation:

  • comment something, anything (username, invite friend, etc.)
  • any submissions on this post after my comment marking the end for entry, will be invalid

Additional note:

  • anyone that participates in daily giveaways will be automatically included in the active jackpot

Play for free:


Gz to the winner! @hhayweaver
add me to the next round.
gl to all and greetings!

Count me in on the next giveaway.

cheers to the winner

Felicitation au gagnant.

I want to participate again.

WooHoo, thanks so much, I'd like to try again.
Just invested a little into the game and got a 12 pack of cards and an Ego Meter too. Now I need some skill.

Focus on one skill lesson and buy instruments for that lesson on market, I didn't do the math, but around +20 luck in specific lesson increases output by
+1 to min and +2 to max skill

Thanks for the advice, lots to learn.

Also been having these sad streaks but happy to take your 5k + lol

Enter me in the giveaway.

aun puedo participar verdad? quiero crecer en risingstar

aun puedo participar verdad? quiero crecer en risingstar

I needed to use a translator for this. Yes, usually when I announce the end of the giveaway my comment announcing it stays on top

Congratulations to the winner!

Fingers crossed!^^

I Want in!



@holoferncro! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @tlundy47.

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Hey @tlundy47, here is a little bit of BEER from @holoferncro for you. Enjoy it!

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a great prize for the winner, please count me in for the next round.

I would like to try again in the next round.

Rising Star is awesome. I'm almost at 46,000,000 starbits!

Nice! Holding or total?

A tad exaggeration. Just curious if anyone was paying attention. Thanks for caring! ;)

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Buenos Dias, quiero participar...!

Hello =)

thanks for the help, may i join the giveaway ?

peace !

ofc, it is still running, I always post a comment marking the end of giveaway

I want to be in for the next one! thanks!

Okay, so this comment marks the end of submissions.
New giveaway and the winner here

Count me in

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quiero participar!