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Hello and welcome to all the readers.

The progress towards the september goals is going well.
I am doing mix set of short and long missions and few lessons to build-up the starbits and XP.
I need few more XP to reach level 79.

Today, i did 2 custom shop production fair missions.
Found WhitePanels and GoldMixer


Card Pack Opening:

Opened two card packs and this is what i got:

Pack 1:

R95 Barney - 100 fans, 150 skill, 4 luck
33 Joel - 10 fans, 1 skill
t6 cheap car - 10 fans

A good fan/skill ratio pack.
2 unique cards and 1 duplicate card.

Pack 2:

R88 Marching Drum - 50 luck
34 Drew - 10 fans, 5 skill
40 Rosanne - 10 fans, 5 skill

A mix card pack, good luck added with fans and skills
1 unique and 2 duplicate cards

Overall, both the packs have added nice skills, fan and luck.
3 unique and 3 duplicate cards

Progress on September Goals:

TaskGoalCurrent Status
Custom shop missions157

Game Stats:


Skills - 4488 from cards, 11138 from lessons
Temporary fans - 8290 from cards, temporary 0
Luck - 1570
Cards - 218

Ego from fans - 8290 (0 temporary drunk fans)
Ego from missions - 5687
Total - 13977

Players Ranking:


Rare Card Swaps:

Anyone interested in card swaps, please comment below.

Cards to swap:

People - R61 Vimbo,R59 Laney, R49 Bethany, R51 Brad, R54 Ellie, R71 Bekky, R77 Rezz, R85 Carly
Instruments - R57 Pink Mic, R46 Guitar, R45 Mandolin, R64 RS 30 Guitar Synth

Cards i want:

People - R48 Jessie , R50 Ali, R41 Storm, R66 Matt, R69 lucy, R5 Male Rapper, R42 Kris, R4 Female Rapper, R79 katie, R8 Lead Guitarist, R84 Shine
Instruments - R6 Congas, R43 String machine, R33 Hong drum

Thank you for reading my post.

Have a nice day.


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